Financial Aid

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - Parents of seniors who are applying for financial aid must complete this form.  It is available online and can be completed after January 1st of a student's senior year of high school.  

CSS/Financial Aid Profile - Many colleges require completion of the CSS/Financial Aid Profile from families seeking financial aid.  This is a fee based program managed by College Board.  The information from the CSS/Financial Aid Profile helps colleges award nonfederal student aid funds.

Selective Service - Males must register for selective service before they can receive financial aid.  This site allows you to register online.

Federal Government - This “last word” on all aspects of need-based financial aid funded through the government (includes links to the FAFSA4caster and FAFSA sections). 

NASFAA – The financial aid professionals’ website with a lot of useful info for families.

New York’s 529 Savings Plan Program – Here you can learn about the benefits of saving for college through this program and also set up an account.

Finaid! “The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid” – This website provides extensive information about all aspects of financial aid, including clearly written explanations of the various federal and state programs and calculators for figuring out costs, family contributions and more.

Financial Aid Calculator - College Board's college financing calculator. - College cost financing calculator. 

Online Financial Aid Guide - A no-cost guide to financial aid, scholarships, loans, and financial aid calculators.

Hispanic Fund - Guide to scholarships for Hispanic students and universities who participate in the Hispanic Fund scholarship program.

United Negro College Fund - Scholarships for American American students organized by location, academic major and merit and need. - Free scholarship search.

CollegeBoard - College Board's scholarship search.

Fast Web Scholarship - Free scholarship search.