Tinkering Class


Each student has a Adafruit Pro Trinket installed on a mini-breadboard. Here are instructions for downloading and installing the Arduino software.

Instructions for installing the Pro Trinket driver can be found here.


First there needs to be an explanation of what is a breadboard and why it is used. Here is a good video which explains how a breadboard is used.

Breadboard Connections.jpg

The red wire from the +row to J4 and the black wire from -row to J2 stay in place for all the exercises. They provide the positive and ground points respectively. There is a convention to use red for positive voltage wires and black for ground.

Setting u
p the Pro Trinket

1. Run the Arduino program.
2. Select TOOLS->BOARD->scroll down to Pro Trinket 5V

3.  Select TOOLS->PROGRAMMER->select USBtinyISP