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Making for Maker Faire


The first part of this course is to create a project for the Poughkeepsie Mini-Maker Faire at Poughkeepsie Day School on November 14th, 2015. Your attendance at the event is REQUIRED. There is a total of 15 classes before the Maker Faire. 

Projects can be either assigned or you can ask for approval for a project. You may work on a project individually or in a pair. NO MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE MAY WORK ON A PROJECT. You may select 2 simpler projects or one more complicated project. Some project ideas are here.

At the Maker Faire, you will demonstrate your project AND work a hands-on Maker Table.

Students are graded on the following rubric:

20% Project Completion

20% Quality of Construction/Programming

40% Project Write Up and Oral Presentation

10% Attendance at the Maker Faire

10% Effort & Perseverance

2015 Projects

Skull with Animated Eyes - Liam
Raspberry Pi Lock Box - Aiden and Julian
Leap Project - Cam and Alden
Mind Control - Leif
Bike Wheel Messages - Landon and James
Tablet Hologram - Fatima and Stella

Some of the technologies you could use are:

Raspberry Pi
Processing (a programming language to create art)
Leap Motion