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Course Information

Teacher: David Held
Location: iStudio

Course Objective:
Explore the uses of technology in both visual and performing arts. Students will develop Ideas using the Kinect and Arduino for music, dance, sculpture, etc. Teamwork and collaboration will be essential in the bringing ideas to fruition.


  • power of one #surface power of one #surface / test pattern 1 from Shohei FUJIMOTO on Vimeo.The installation for this piece consists of a laser, a mirror, and a motor. Two identical installations are set up in a vertically symmetrical fashion. The work capitalizes on the nature of the mirror between the two installations (with the right and left sides being reflections of each other). Each installation operates on the same time axis and behaves in the same manner, recalling a substanceless mirrored surface. The image emitted toward the fixed mirror highlights the tangled quality of substanceless space, where mirrors create a cycle of multiplication and disappearance, and its behavior changes according to the position of the viewer. Set rules and variables are given ...
    Posted Jun 28, 2016, 4:11 PM by David Held
  • Study for Fifteen Points Study for Fifteen Points / I, 2016Motors, custom driver electronics, custom software, aluminium, LEDs, computer712 x 552 x 606 mm Le LaboratoireThe initial sculpture from Random’s new body of work in progress, Study for Fifteen Points / I experiments with the minimal amount of information that is actually necessary for the animated form to be recognised as human; and the fundamental impact created by subtle changes within that information. When arranged and animated in order, the points of light represent the human anatomy. Instinctually, the brain is able to stitch the disparate points together and recognise them as one human form. Reduced ways of representing complex information have been a sustained source of inspiration to Random International over ...
    Posted Jun 4, 2016, 3:20 PM by David Held
  • Blueprint BlueprintPhiladelphia, 2014Blueprint embraces the relationship and parallels between art and science, creating compositions through the mathematical principles of logic that underpin life.Exploring analogies between DNA and computer code, UVA have created the Blueprint series; works that pair genetics and code as the blueprints of artificial and natural systems. As the work slowly changes over time, patterns fluctuate between varying degrees of complexity. Blueprint uses the basic concepts of evolution to create an ever-transitioning image. With cells literally transferring their genes to their adjoining others, colour flows like paint across the canvas.Drawing up a unique colourful composition every minute, Blueprint presents the unlimited outcome that results from a single algorithm; a single set of rules.Aluminium ...
    Posted May 31, 2016, 6:01 AM by David Held
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Good Books  I have copies if you want to borrow

Arduino: A Quick Start Guide by Maik Schmidt  ISBN: 978-1934356661 

Arduino Cookbook by Michael Margolis  ISBN: 978-1449313876

Making Things See by Greg Borensyein ISBN: 978-1-449-30707-3

Arduino and Kinect Projects by Enrique Ramos Melgar and Ciriaco Castro Diez ISBN: 978-1-43024167-6 (there is an electronic version also)

Hacking the Kinect by Jeff Kramer and several others ISBN: 978-1-4302-3867-6

Make: LEGO and Arduino Projects: Projects for extending MINDSTORMS NXT with open-source electronics by John Baichtal, Matthew Beckler, Adam Wolf ISBN-10: 1449321062 | ISBN-13: 978-1449321062

"It is just so important to work as much as you can,
to learn and to be open to new things. The journey is the award." ---  

Ladyada (aka Limor Fried) talks about Open-Source Hardware