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Greetings ~Pottsville High School Alumni

The Pottsville High School Community Scholarship Foundation sends a special "hello" to all Pottsville High School alumni and friends. Many wonderful things are happening in the Pottsville Schools. The total enrollment in the Pottsville Schools is 1,800 and growing steadily. The Pottsville Schools are often referred to as the "school of choice" in Pope County. This past year, Pottsville High School was ranked as one of the top 5 high schools in Arkansas. This recognition is the result of a dedicated faculty , staff and school administration. These comments provide just a birds-eye overview of the excitement in the Pottsville Schools community.

Notice the left side bar where individual class listings may be viewed. If you have class photos you would like to share, please email them to: pottsville.alumni@pottsvilleschools.org Also, if there are any errors (spellings, missing listings, etc) please email as well.

The community is also involved in the financial support of the scholarship fund for graduating Pottsville High School seniors, and the Foundation Board extends this opportunity to alumni and friends. The Pottsville Community Scholarship Fund was established in 2001 to reward Pottsville High School graduates who have distinguished themselves in the classroom. Through the leadership of the Scholarship Committee, 176 recent graduates have received scholarships, many of whom would have found it very difficult to pay for all of the expenses of college. The success of this endeavor has been possible through continuing support from the Pottsville community, area businesses, friends, and alumni. Donors may elect to contribute any amount to be awarded in May to graduates of the current senior class. Many contributors give less than $250 and these donations are combined and awarded as Pottsville Community Scholarships. Scholarship choices include Pottsville Community Scholarship, Pottsville Alumni Scholarship, and Memorial Scholarship. Will you please consider a gift to the program. You will be helping students prepare for lifetime careers in all areas of business and education. We hope you will make the Pottsville High School Community Scholarship Fund a part of your regular annual giving plans - it's an investment in the future of young adults!

Please send your tax-deductible gift to Pottsville Community Foundation:

Pottsville School District, Central Office ~ c/o Mrs. Sandy Alexander, 976 Pine Ridge Road, Pottsville, Arkansas 72858