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Acceptable Use Policy

Potsdam Central School Computer Acceptable Use Policy

The District Policy:

The Potsdam Central School District is providing access to its educational technology resources to students and staff.   Students and staff will have access to various applications, databases, libraries, and computer services from all over the world through the Internet and other electronic resources.

         With this educational technology opportunity also comes responsibility.   Parents/Guardians are responsible for setting and conveying acceptable standards that the child should follow.   Potsdam Central School is responsible for the instruction, proper care, and etiquette involved with electronic learning.  

         Potsdam Central views the following as unacceptable uses and are subject to disciplinary action:

•  Vandalizing, degrading, or disrupting equipment or system performance

•  Unauthorized access to resources or systems including the use of an account owned by another user

•  Transmission of viruses

•  Use of racist, sexist, pornographic or inappropriate language or images

•  Sending or posting anonymous messages or using another's name

•  Plagiarism

•  Sharing personal passwords and/or accounts

•  Chatting without supervision

Downloading From the Internet :

         Downloading of documents (images, PDF files, etc.) is permitted provided they are for educational purposes.   Downloading of inappropriate files (MP3 or other audio files, movies, executable programs such as games or installers, etc.) are strictly prohibited unless such files are for educational purposes.   Students will need to get prior permission from teachers and teachers will need to make prior arrangements from computer support staff.

Student and Instructional Staff Documents:

         Students and instructional staff documents that are stored on the network will be routinely scanned (by the computer, not generally by a person) for viruses and inappropriate documents (see "Downloading from the Internet').   Any files that contain viruses or are deemed inappropriate may be deleted without prior notice.


Students are not permitted to use chat programs (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.) or chat services.   (i.e. messages boards) unless given prior approval by a teacher (approval required each time).


Students are not permitted to use any non-Potsdam email service (Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) unless given prior approval by a teacher (approval required each time).

Non-Potsdam Central Owned Computers:

Students are not permitted to connect personal computers to the Potsdam network or any other wired or wireless network unless prior arrangements with the teacher and computer support staff have been made.