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Click here for PISD Gmail.

Learn how to use Gmail at http://mail.google.com/support/

The first step in using your Gmail account is to log into it.  You should have received an email containing information about your account's username and password.

There are several ways to log into your Gmail account.
The first time you log in, you'll be asked to take a moment to set up your account.

Compose Mail opens a new message. If you're feeling shaky, you can read more to brush up on sending messages.
Inbox shows your conversations (the number in parentheses indicates how many unread conversations you have).
Starred shows you only messages you've marked with a star (use stars to mean whatever you'd like).
Chats lists your archived Chat conversations.
Sent Mail shows messages you've sent.
Drafts houses messages you've started and saved to work on later.
Customized labels show labels you've created (e.g. 'Coupons' or 'Travel')
All Mail shows you almost all of your mail; you'll see content from your Inbox, Starred, Chats, Sent, Drafts, and all your archived messages; you won't see Spam or Trash.
Spam is where we send the messages we think are suspicious.
Trash is where messages you delete end up; you can empty the trash whenever you feel like it.
Contacts lists the email addresses of people you've corresponded with; you can add more details as you see fit.
Tasks lets you enter and track to-do lists.

One other thing that might help get you feeling comfortable: Gmail threads related messages into conversations. This means if you send a message to your mom and she hits 'reply,' you'll receive her message, threaded to the original message you sent her. If she replies again, the same conversation will bold; in other words, you won't see two separate places to click in your inbox. All these messages will be kept in one place.