Zero Point and Thought

by Belle Twigg                              Post Conceptual Fine Art
The text, Science and Human Transformation, makes the case that energy creates matter and consciousness.  The author argues that there is no clear separation between matter, consciousness, and energy.  His theory is that the human body acts as both an energy generator and an antenna.  The author believes that “the more spirit there is present, the higher is the consciousness of the entity” (p. 200). 
 Illusions in the Sky
 Belle Twigg
             2011, Tradigital anodized aluminum

     A major difficulty with understanding consciousness is what has been called the explainable gap.  On the one hand, consciousness research looks at hard facts: neuro-physiology, measurable biophysical and chemical fluctuations, etc….  The other side of consciousness research looks at soft facts, the experiential factor.  There has yet to be a solid theory of consciousness that brings the two together.  Based on my research of altered states, I believe that clues for discovering the missing factor may be found at the transition point of consciousness, which I have for convenience labeled E0 - or zero.

     The idea that there is a zero point of consciousness is not new.  It has been explored by mystics such as the Dalai Lama, H.P. Blavatsky, Shirley McLaine, Christopher Holmes, and the researcher Fred Alan Wolf.    Today there is a lot of talk about quantum physics and the so-called zero point field.   But, what exactly is the zero point of consciousness and what role does it play in human awareness?                                           

     According to meditative Kabbalah, between every change of consciousness is a period of rest.  It is a brief moment when consciousness ceases and what remains is tohu (chaos).  This state of chaos is a place of darkness filled with light; an emptiness filled with everything.  It is the moment when consciousness disappears and is replaced with nothingness.  Only by entering chaos can an individual move onto a higher level of consciousness.  An individual moves through life only when there is a constant fluctuation between states of consciousness and chaos.  Without this constant movement, human consciousness becomes something otherthan. However, that which lies in back of this ebb and flow of human consciousness remains always and only priori consciousness.
“Whether the mind is moving or not, still it is the play of consciousness” (Muktananda, Finite to the Infinite, p. 410). 

      Based upon my observations of individuals in altered states, as well as my own experiential explorations, I believe that between every thought, what we normally consider human consciousness stops.  As odd as this may sound, I am fully convinced of its occurrence.  I have found this zero point to be  pivotal in engineering and analyzing trance states. 

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     If we look at consciousness as an inter-dimensional universe, we will discover that each state of consciousness is an entire realm in itself.  Thus, when I speak of the Universe, I do not limit the term to a space outside of an individual.  I consider the Universe to include both the inner and outer.  Within each individual is a complex universe, perhaps more complex than the universe that lies outside the individual. Together, the consciousness of humanity contains unlimited creative potential. But, priori consciousness - that fundamental energetic awareness which is found at E0 - it is the source of human consciousness.

     From a kabbalistic view point, the twenty two Hebrew letters are the principles and powers of the Creator.  They are states of consciousness. However, what is the Universe in which the entirety of those states is contained?  Kabbalah calls it En Sof.  The beginning without a beginning, that is both one and zero.  Zero is the chaos within which and out of which flows the various states of consciousness.  It should be noted here that chaos, zero, and/or ain sof do not refer to the Creator itself.  Rather, it refers to the original origin out of which all else emerges.

     This zero point is both the beginning and end of consciousness.  Consciousness emerges from it and flows back to it.  There is a constant running to and away from this zero point.  The goal of meditative Kabbalah is to extend one’s view of chaos, bring what is found therein into awareness and return once again to chaos.  Eventually, it is thought to be possible to gain a glimpse of the Supraconscious, the Creative source of the chaos; a mere reflection of the direct light of the Creator.

     In mystical traditions this zero point has been described in many ways.  Alchemists described the beginning in the end in words:  “as above, so below; as within, so without.”  The image of the telis or ouroboris, serpent/dragon swallowing its own tail, is yet another way this idea is expressed.

     Zero point is not a thing in the strict definition of the word.  It is a “non-existent thing.”  It is a field created by the ceaseless flow and collapse of priori waves of conscioousness. While it is non-existent, it is real, in that it is unlimited conscious energy.  Within itself, it is so small that it could be said it is quantum.  Within each individual and thing, it is exquisitely small.  Yet, it has no limits, is everywhere and in everything.  At the same time, everything exists within it. 

     Consider the black darkness of the universe.  Not only does it contain untold numbers of stars, planets, and cosmic phenomena, it also contains an unending, unbroken field of energy.  Now, turn your attention to within yourself.  It is easy to imagine that within your body is a field of energy.  But, now consider this.  Within that same finite body, that is pulsating with energy, there exists a never ending, infinite conscious energy field that is connected to itself (without a break) as it exists in everything.  Your body itself resides within this energy field.  Your very consciousness exists within and emanates from this conscious energy.

     When your consciousness stops then, has it actually stopped, or has it merely begun listening to an ever present consciousness?