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Together, We Can.

We are a software development firm, specializing in Agile Coaching and Web Development in Ruby on Rails.

What are our strengths?

  • Agile Coaching and Training (Certified Scrum Master)
  • Rapid Web and Desktop Application Development
  • Database Design
  • Leading Edge Technologies

As signatories of the Agile Manifesto for Software Development, our business model is based on supplying tested, robust, deliverable code at frequent intervals. This guarantees ample opportunity for you to provide direction and ensures you receive exactly what you want, while preserving quality and maintainability.

We specialize in leading edge technologies.  In order to improve our efforts, we are involved in software process improvement on many fronts, from new programming languages to the latest methodologies and open source movements.

Where are the pretty icons?

You don't see a slick marketing site because, since our beginning in 2001, all of our new business as been found through recommendations; word of mouth. This allows us to spend our time, money, and effort directly increasing the value to our customers.

What can we do?

  • Full life cycle, agile, software development; from gathering requirements through to the final, fully tested, release. This includes basic applications and multi-tier projects.
  • We are proficient at the premier tools of the Agile movement, including Ruby on Rails, allowing us to 'Embrace Change' and answer your requirements better than ever before.
  • Microsoft .NET technologies: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and the supporting servers, supporting both desktop and web based applications.  We have been developing with Microsoft .NET technologies since their Beta release.  Our experience with Visual Basic began with Version 1.0.
  • We are qualified Database Administrators; designing, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Access databases.
  • Training for many aspects of development, from Introduction to Object Oriented Programming to Extreme Programming.
  • Interested in utilizing Open Source applications? We can assist your company in incorporating Open Source software like Ruby on Rails, CruiseControl, NUnit, or Trac.

What have we done?

            How Do You Train 3,000 Employees? At their own pace? Simultaneously?

You utilize e-Learning. We are assisting our client in perfecting an e-Learning tool for a major retailer. This is the engine that guides a learner through the content specific for their needs. It assists trainers in assigning requirements to learners and tracking their progress.

            Biology mirrors life

We are currently working on a project designed for analysis of data from a biological research lab. We have found this project to be applicable to any information that has relationships. This project is taking advantage of .NET technologies to quickly provide results to our client. Simultaneously providing access to the information through a Windows application and Web Browser. Allowing the lab members to access the information as they need to.


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            Telecom and .NET

During the Beta Test phase of the new .NET technologies (October, 2002), we were requested to analyze the feasibility of upgrading existing applications for a large telecommunications firm. Upon reviewing the projects, we found these broke down into a two categories: decision support and automate tasks. Currently, their business was mainly conducted through mainframe terminals, controlled by a third party. Any processing or analysis of their business had to be done through these limited systems, provided by someone else. There were projects in progress to minimize their dependencies on this application. They were also beginning to automate some tasks. Allowing a person to enter some information, then press a key to process it through multiple screens on the terminal.

Using .NET, we were able to quickly create a robust application that outperformed their existing development efforts. We created multi-threaded services that processed multiple streams of information against the mainframe simultaneously, greatly increasing their response time. After only a few months with the new platform, management was convinced this was the correct path and began implementing projects in .NET, scheduling production releases soon after the Release To Manufacturing of Microsoft .NET in February 2002.

            Law documents and the Web

As an attorney, you are required to have the most recent version of any form that you process through your local government. Keeping current with these documents for your local courthouse requires some effort. Maintaining clients from multiple states can be rather daunting. We assisted a company in providing a repository of these forms for legal offices. Creating a single storage location, containing the appropriate version of the required documents, available through a web application, answered the first need. These documents had to be available to the law firms even if they were disconnected from the Internet. We created a client application that contained encrypted versions of the documents, automatically synchronizing each document if a more recent version was available from the Web. Many attorneys praised this company for the time and effort this application saved them.

Why "Possiamo"?

As you may have guessed from my name, Scilipoti, I have an Italian heritage.  Possiamo is Italian for "we are able" or "we can".  One of the great strengths of Agile is the emphasis on the Team.  At Possiamo Consulting, we work hard to ensure that everyone is working together to create the best product.  So... possiamo was a natural fit, emphasizing our motto:

Together, we can.


Matt Scilipoti



Laurel, MD

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