AP Statistics



AP Test MAY 2017 $80.00

School Prerequisites

·            Honors Statistics is preferred; Honors Calculus or H. Pre-Calculus with teacher recommendation.


·            Bock, David, Velleman, Paul & DeVeaux, Richard: Stats: Modeling the World 2nd Edition Pearson-Addison Wesley, MA 2007 ISBN# 0-13-187623-6


  • Students are required to purchase a TI-84 Plus calculator at the beginning of the course. All students are expected to use these in class and for homework assignments.
  • The TI-84 Plus is used everyday in class in instruction as well as activities.
  • Students are required to access Mrs. Harkins’ webpage https://sites.google.com/a/portlandschools.org/mrs-harkins-phs-math/home
  • Students are required to use different programs to design graphs and tables.
  • Students are required to use computer software when organizing and formulating their results for their statistic project and presentations.
  • Students should be familiar with keynote, google.docs, excel or Prezi when presenting materials.


These are the four conceptual themes of study:

·             Exploring Data: Describing patterns and departures from patterns (20% - 30%)     

·             Sampling and Experimentation: (10%-15%)     

·             Anticipating Patterns: Exploring random phenomena using probability and simulation (20% - 30%)

·            Statistical Inference: Estimating population parameters and testing hypothesis (30% - 405)


Notebook (10% of term grade)


  • All students must have a 3-ring binder (1½ or larger), dividers and college ruled paper.
  • All notebooks must be neat and set up according to Mrs. Harkins rubric, there will be NO variations. You will lose points if papers have fringes, folded pieces of paper, or crumpled paper.
  • All notebooks must contain the following in this order:


1.     Table of contents: A list of all notes in your notebook.  Each entry must have a page number, title, and date. (You should type this and update each quarter on a spreadsheet.)

2.     Information section: This section contains your grades and any important worksheets or handouts.

3.     Note section: This section contains all notes taken in class; all notes will have titles, page numbers and dates.  Each new page of notes should begin on a new piece of paper. You are responsible for all notes, so if you miss a day you need to get them from a friend.

4.     Quiz and test section: This section contains all quizzes and tests that you take, in ascending order by date. (Old to new)

5.     Class-work section: This section contains class-work, group-work & reviews  (old to new)

6.     Home-work section: This section contains all homework, whether collected or not. (old to new)


 Homework - Participation (5% each)

Participation in class is very important, this means coming to class, taking good notes, and actively working in groups. Homework is given each night for you to practice what we have studied from class. In math especially, practice makes perfect.  I do not give busy work; there is always a reason behind the assignment. I have put a lot of thought and work into creating a purposeful and meaningful lesson, and I hope you spend some time going over and practicing what I have given you for knowledge. If you need help on the homework please see me before the day it is due. Homework may be electronic or paper copy depending on the lesson. I do not accept late homework. 



Homework is complete and 99% correct. Work is show in an organized way.  If mistakes are made, they are corrected during HW Review.


Homework is complete and organized. Only very minor errors have been made 90%, but have been fixed during HW Review.



Homework is complete and an honest attempt has been made. Some errors but 80% of the material is correct. Corrections have been made during HW Review.



Homework is mostly complete with an honest attempt.  Errors have occurred, but student has come in for help before the assignment was due and made corrections during HW Review.



No late HW is accepted.


Even if all the answers are correct, if there is no work, I will assume you copied someone or got the answers from other means.









Homework should be neat and organized.  All work is shown step by step under the original problem. Math is vertical in nature and all steps should be written out in columns.

All paper homework must be done in PENCIL!