Room 206

Longfellow School
Special Educator Grades 3-5


"That Quiz" is a site for skill drill for math facts, as well as other subjects. You can customize the facts to be practiced, the duration and the amount to be completed. 


If your child has access to an ipad at home, Teachley is offering free access to their apps during this time. It is only for ipads though. If you have trouble signing in. Please let me know.

Step 1. Download the free Teachley Connect app. On your iPad, go to or search for “Teachley” on the App Store.

Step 2. Login to our classroom (Conley) on Teachley Connect using:  code: AkrpIi 

Step 3. CHOOSE 1-TO-1 DEVICE. To keep the apps logged in on your child’s profile, choose 1:1.  

Step 4. Select your child. Tap on your child’s name to connect your iPad with your child’s profile. The games will continue right where they last played, and I’ll be able to monitor how they’re doing from home. 


Readworks is a great site for multiple levels of reading selections on a variety of subjects. I have made a class list. Once they log on to the site:

Students enter class code LJ4KRB Password is 1234

Please let me know if you need help signing in.

My class code: gyc2643

EPIC is a reading site that some students use in their classrooms. They can access it with their classroom teacher's code or with mine. Please let me know if you are unable to sign in. 

Scholastic is offering a free site with daily activities around a book or video at various grade levels. Check it out if you'd like.


Ducksters is a great site for doing research. It has a variety of topics and shares good information at a reasonable level. 

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our classroom page!

As we begin our remote learning, I first want to say that I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.

Even though I know you will be connected with your child's classroom teacher and their information, I am sharing some websites with you as additional resources for your child during this time.

As your child starts to work on the packets they got from their classroom teacher or from me, or both, please let me know if something isn't making sense, or if I can clarify something. I am in touch with the classroom teachers, and we are all here to support your child during this time.

Take care, and hopefully we will be back to school soon.

Kate Conley