Fall is definitely here and with the cooler weather and changing leaves comes the start of flu season.   Deering High School has flu shots available at Student Based Health Center (SBHC).  Students (under 18 years) must have a signed parent/guardian consent form to receive the flu shot.  Copies of this consent form are available in the nurse's office, at the SBHC and here.  Once the consent is completed, an appointment can be made for the flu shot.  These are available regardless of ability to pay.  

For more information about the flu vaccine, please review the Influenza Vaccine Information Sheet.  Copies of the VIS are available in the nurse's office,  at the SBHC and here

Seniors and Senior Parents

Are you up to date with your required vaccines?

Maine state law requires all high school seniors to have two doses of the meningitis (MCV4) vaccine.

(One dose if it was given on or after your 16th birthday)

Please contact your doctor and see if you are up to date.  

If you are up to date, please ask your doctor to fax your immunization records to the school nurse at 207-874-7317

If you are not up to date, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible to get the vaccine and then send the records to the school nurse

You can also get the vaccine at the School Based Health Center

To get the vaccine at the SBHC, your parent/guardian (unless you are over the age of 18)

must complete the SBHC enrollment form here and the vaccine consent form here.

Please bring the completed forms to the nurse's office and we will schedule you an appointment.

Copies of these forms are also available in the nurse's office.  

Information about the MCV4 vaccine can be found here.  

Please feel free to contact us at any time.
207-874-8260 ext. 4696