Summer Reading

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All Students entering grades 9-12 in the fall of 2018 should:

  • Select and read a book of your choice. If you need help choosing a book, please refer to our BOOKS page.

  • Locate and read one informational article related to the book you read > for reliable scholarly, technical, and professional articles, use our DATABASES.

  • Complete the two summer reading assignment sheets (available below), have your parent/guardian sign them, and bring them to English class during the first week of school.

*Students in 10th-12th grade Honors or UConn classes will have an alternative summer reading requirement which will be distributed by English teachers in June.

Summer Reading Assignment Sheets
Informational letter attached.
Sheets attached HERE:

Summer Reading Assignment PHS1

Summer Reading Assignment PHS2

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PHS Summer Reading Letter

To convey how important reading is, the Portland Secondary School English Department and the Library Media Department have established a summer reading requirement for all students. Students need to continue developing their intellectual capabilities, to learn new information, to have the experiences and perceptions that books can bring, and to have fun reading a good book outside the constraints of an English classroom. Summer reading also gives students the advantage of being active readers when school is no longer in session by helping to maintain the positive habit of reading as a leisure-time activity. English teachers require all students to complete a brief writing assignment based on what they have read during the summer.

We recognize that students who do not read over the summer will see a decline in their reading skills and a lack of vocabulary development. Studies indicate that lack of reading experiences over the summer is a primary contributor to the achievement gap in schools. Please take a moment to watch this about the effects of Summer Learning Loss. Here are some Facts & Stats, as well.

The importance of summer reading is captured by this quote of Mark Twain: 
“A person who does not read has no advantage over a person who cannot read.”

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The Young Adult Summer Reading Flowchart
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