Brass-Woodwinds is a training class for the Panther Band.  Students learn all necessary skills to be able to advance to the Panther Band.  Tests are given every Friday and students are able to advance at their own pace.  The ultimate goal for members of Brass-Woodwinds is advancement to the Panther Band. 
Class requirements are:
1.  A musical instrument of the brass or woodwind family.
2.  Regular attendance in class
3.  30 minutes minimum home practice daily.
4.  Prepare weekly playing tests to the best of your ability.
Requirements for advancement to Panther Band are:
1.  Perform all major scales in the full range of your instrument
2.  Perform a full range chromatic scale on your instrument without a fingering chart
3.  Successfully sight read music up to level 3 of accepted band literature without assistance.
4.  Prepare a piece for audition at level 2-3 of accepted band literature.
5.  Demonstrate good listening skills and be punctual and dependable.