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Welcome to the Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) and Team Based Learning (TBL) community home page
Engaging students and their devices :)
This community belongs to higher education practitioners, educators and others interested in TEAL and TBL. 

Join the discussion about the pros and cons of technology enhanced active learning within Higher Education (STEM subjects) in the UK. Be part of a community that promotes more engagement within classrooms and labs for improving student learning. 

Share your success or failure stories that relate to the community's focus (TEAL-TBL).

Follow activities of those interested in this area and or network and collaborate with them to do better things together.

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You will find here:
  • HEA-Funded case studies that evaluate the pros and cons of Active Learning through technology (including team based learning)
  • Community showcase of case studies that evaluate the pros and cons of Active learning through technology (including team based learning)
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We are thankful to the 'Changing the Learning Landscape' team who provided the funding to start this community. We also thank you for keeping the ball rolling when the funding dries out.

Why join this community?

We think the timing (Oct, 2013) of the start of this community is of significant importance as we are witnessing a growth in massively open online courses (MOOCs). On campus students can now easily access additional good quality content on various topics and therefore students across UK HEIs and elsewhere expect more from their experience within lectures and labs than just simple content dissemination and acquisition. This community aims to share good practice and research on how to use technology to engage students in classrooms providing them a better learning experience and improved learning.

Why Active Learning?

Active learning calls for an increase in student centric activities within classrooms and outside. This means a move away from more one directional information disseminating lectures and more towards in-class activities that engage students individually and in teams. Tutor-student activities that focus on 'why' and 'how' (reasons and interrelation between concepts) and not just 'what' (Data, information and content) can help foster active learning.

Why Technology Enhanced Active Learning and Team Based learning?

Technology has made its way into the classrooms of today through student devices (laptops, tablets, mobiles, recorders etc) and this trend does not seem to end just there (Google Glass and other personal wearable computers are on the horizon).

Technology has also made its way into the classrooms of today through infrastructure investments done by HEIs to support a multitude of staff and student owned devices on campus. Most classrooms now have Wifi access and the availability of 4G also brings the web into the classroom.

Bored students will surf the web in the classroom and engaged students will most likely not. Team based learning, a form of active learning gaining ground across HEIs, help students learn from each other through interactions and team work in small teams. Lectures are not used as the main activity but only used as occasional additional activity when needed.  

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