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After a few years cleaning my own chimney I have recently qualified as a ICS Chimney Sweep.  I am able to sweep open fires, solid fuel burners/stoves and inglenooks.  I have public liability insurance up to £1 million and on completion will issue a full ICS (Institute of Chimney Sweeps) sweep certificate to satisfy your buildings and contents insurance.  

This site is very basic at the moment and wont be winning any awards , however contact me in good time for an appointment.  I am part time at the moment with weekends relatively free.  My full time job at the University of Portsmouth Sport & Recreation Department is worked over various early and late shifts.  Weekdays I am able to work up to midday should you require a morning sweep. 

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Chimney swept  How often?
Depending on extent of usage and types of fuels burnt it may warrant more than one or two sweeps a year.  

Wood & smokeless coals once a year 
Gas & Oil associated appliances once a year 
Bitumous coal (softer coal produces more tar)  twice a year

Why should I have my chimney swept?  

When you burn fuel tar like deposits accumulate within your chimney stack or flue system.  This compromises the efficiency of combustible gasses being vented properly.  If neglected this will eventually result in a chimney fire.  A poorly vented flue system increases the potential for Carbon monoxide poisoning please click on link below. 

Carbon Monoxide poisoning

The solid fuel association is an excellent resource for sweeps and homeowners.  please read the section that relates to Co poisoning.