Summer Resources

Welcome Incoming First Graders
Here are some things you can work on over the summer to prepare for next year! 
I am so excited to meet you! 
Love, Mrs. Herrera

Math:  Have your child count on from any # 1-30.  Also, having your child add simple sets (4 stickers and 3 stickers make 7 stickers in all).  

Reading:  Read to and with your child each day.  Practicing reading the Kindergarten Dolch words can transition your child into first grade spelling and reading.   

Language Arts/Handwriting Practice:  For additional language arts practice, a BRIDGE practice book for language arts is very helpful.  There are also some practice pages for individual letter review and sentence building.  Journaling about your summer is great way for your child to practice personal expression.   

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Angella Herrera,
Jun 10, 2015, 11:33 AM