What's Going on Around the District!

Pontiac School District is committed to creating an information-rich, engaged learning environment for both district employees and students.
The Technology Department is proud to offer a bold new initiative:
PSD Technology Professional Development Offerings.
With this initiative, we look forward to providing an opportunity for employees to further their knowledge of technology integration tools used to increase student learning and creating a more proactive and productive workforce through the use of technology.
We are confident our collective expertise and preparation will culminate in a series of specialized, user-directed training sessions. Our challenge is to prepare our staff for the ever-changing environment of a 21st Century Classroom without anxiety about new technology or instruction delivery platforms. Together, we can work to bridge the digital divide and fully utilize our resources to prepare today’s students and the students of tomorrow to be competitive in the new global economy.
Our training opportunities for employees will include a schedule of face-to-face instruction and online courses.  Additionally, as we progress and build an infrastructure of technology training we will make available screencasts, video or audio podcasts, and a library of useful and appropriate resources for everyone.  
Take a look at our PD Offerings (you can also click on the above image to view our Technology PD Offerings Catalogue) for the next few months on this site. We encourage everyone to attend as many relevant trainings as possible.