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Refurbished Used Trek High Voltage Amplifiers

Trek High Voltage Power Supply and Amplifiers

Contact us by email for more information: admin@polyktech.com

        Trek high voltage power supplies and amplifiers are widely used in studying piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials for actuators, charge - discharge capacitors, performing polarization loop test, electrostatic, corona, speakers, etc. They have very stable DC output, broad bandwidth, fast response (high slew rate), serve as both power source and power sink, and very high reliability. In our lab, we have multiple Trek amplifiers made in 1990's and they are still working very well without any issue. Our engineers have compared the performance of several high voltage amplifiers, and Trek outperforms many of the other models.
Currently in stock for sale:
  • Model 610C, +/-10 kV/2 mA

  • Model 609A, +/-10 kV/2 mA

  • Model 610B, +/-10 kV/2 mA

  • Model 10/10-2, +/-10 kV/10 mA

  • Model 10/10B, +/-10 kV/10 mA

  • Model PZD700-2, Piezo Driver Power Amplifier, +/- 700V/100 mA, dual output

  • 601C-2-L-CE, +/- 500V/40 mA, dual output

  • Model 609C, 609D, +/-4 kV/10 mA

  • Trek 20/20B, +/-20 kV/20 mA

  • Trek PA0566A, 0 to +20 kV, 20 mA

  1. All amplifiers are fully cleaned, and performance was thoroughly verified.
  2. With three-month warranty
  3. Come with all accessories, such as manual, power cord, Alden high voltage output cable, BNC cable, 4-pin/BNC input cable, 2 m grounding cable -- you can use it immediately.
  4. Price is usually 20%-30% of new units.
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You can go to Trek's website or use google to find more technical specifications.

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Trek P0566A High Voltage Power Supply Amplifier, +20 kV, 20/20 Warranty

Trek P0566A high voltage power supply and amplifier in great condition, fully cleaned and inspected. With all necessary parts and accessories (HV output cable, power cord, etc) so you can use it immediately without spending another a few hundred dollars to purchase parts.

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The P0566A is similar to Trek model 20/20C but only with positive voltage output.

DC - stable output voltage

Current limit function.

Output voltage: 0 to +20 kV

Current: +20 mA

Fixed Votlage Gain (Monitor): 2000 V/V.

In Remote mode, analog control input voltage gain: 2606V/V

As a power supply and power sink.

Fully functional and performed informal calibration by measuring the output voltage.

With all accessories:

1. High voltage Alden output cable (3 ft, 30 kV rating), male

2. Power cord

The output female connector is changed to an Alden connector (30 kV rating).

115 V Line voltage. With 3 month warranty, buy with confidence.

Trek P0566 High Voltage Power Supply Amplifier, +20 kV, 20/20 Warranty [Same performance as PA0566A, older model] [SOLD]

Trek Model 20/20B High Voltage Power Supply Amplifier, +/-20 kV, 20/20 Warranty

[Same performance as 20/20C, older model]

Check Trek website for specifications: http://www.trekinc.com/products/20-20C.asp
Come with a 3 ft long Caton high voltage cable

Trek PZTD700-2 High Voltage Piezo Driver Power Amplifier +/-700 V 100 mA, Dual Output

Trek High Voltage Piezo Driver Power Amplifier PZD700-2 with dual output.

The unit is fully inspected and refurbished. With three-month warranty. Come with two 15 kV Alden output cables, power cord, and manual.

Search Trek website for more details.

Output Voltage: 0 to ±700 V DC or peak AC

   Output Current:  0 to ±100 mA

   Slew Rate: Greater than 550 V/µs

   Large Signal Bandwidth: DC to greater than 250 kHz (-3dB)

   Gain: 0 to 150 V/V, adjustable using a front panel potentiometer

Trek 10/10B High Voltage Power Amplifier +/-10 kV/10mA DC, Refurbished Warranty
Check Trek website for specifications: http://www.trekinc.com/products/10-10BHS.asp

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Trek 623B High Voltage Power Amplifier 2 kV/80mA DC, Refurbished Warranty [SOLD]

The Model 623B is a DC-stable, high-voltage power amplifier designed to provide precise control of bi-polar output voltages. It features an all-solid-state design for high slew rate, low-noise operation and a wide bandwidth of DC to greater than 10 kHz.

The four-quadrant, active output stage sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads throughout the output voltage range. This type of output is essential to achieve an accurate output response and high slew rate demanded by a variety of loads such as highly capacitive or reactive loads.

Output Voltage: 0 to ±2 kV DC or peak AC

Output Current: 0 to ±80 mA DC or 40 mA peak AC for 1 ms

Slew Rate: Greater than 300 V/µs

Large Signal Bandwidth: DC to greater than 10 kHz (1% distortion)

High voltage output cable, 15 kV, 3 ft long. For Trek 610, 609, 10/10,  PZD700, 601C, etc.

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4-Pin AMP input cable, one end is 4-pin AMP connector, the other end is BNC male connector, About 3 ft long coaxial cable. Used to connector the Trek input (model 609 and 610) to an external DC source.

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