Board Members

Top: Randy Howell, Jeff Gentry, David Vaughan
Bottom: Josh Fitzwater, Penny Copeland, Kim Snodgrass, Kyle Stith

David Vaughan, President, Term Ends April 2023
Kyle Stith, Vice President, Term Ends April 2021
Penny Copeland, Term Ends April 2021
Josh Fitzwater, Term Ends April 2022
Jeff Gentry, Term Ends April 2022
Randy Howell, Term Ends April 2023
Kim Snodgrass, Term Ends April 2023


General Election

April 6, 2021

 To choose by ballot two (2) directors who shall serve as members of the Board of Education of said school district for a term of three (3) years each.

Mark Kipping

Daniel Kelley

Penny Copeland

Zach Freeman