Polk County Schools "WINTER PD WONDERLAND"

Hello and welcome to the Winter PD Wonderland site for Polk County Schools.  This site is the launching pad for our January 19 & 20, 2015 professional development offerings.  We are excited to offer a variety of professional development sessions over the January 19 & 20 workdays.  We hope you will choose to take advantage of these opportunities to gain professional knowledge and earn renewal credit.  Those teachers completing four (4) three-hour (3 hr) sessions can earn over one full renewal credit (CEU) for their participation in technology, literacy, or their content area.  General information on the workshops and two-day event is found below.  

Please note that you may select (click on) any of the titles below to access more details about the session.  Once you have reviewed the session descriptions and feel comfortable with your selections, please complete the Winter PD Wonderland GoogleForm that is linked at the bottom of the page and will also be sent to you via email.  Please contact Aaron Greene at agreene@polkschools.org or 828-894-3051 with any questions about the sessions or the two-day event.

General Information
  • All sessions will take place on one or both days, January 19 & 20, 2015
  • All sessions will be held at Polk County Middle School (PCMS) unless otherwise noted
  • Sessions are three (3) hours in length and "am" sessions run from 8:30 -11:30 am, while "pm" sessions run 12:30 to 3:30 pm
  • All sessions will award 3 hours (0.3 CEU's) of renewal credit - follow up assignments may be requested after the two-day event for those attending four sessions and needing to earn more credits
  • Sessions with multiple times / dates are repeats (same material) to provide several opportunities to attend and assist in scheduling
  • Lunch will be on your own from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • The "CPI restraint Training" (Session 16) is "specialized" in the sense that they are not open to the general population - attendance is by invitation only and is open to you only if you have been notified specifically by your principal or EC Director Mike Melton
  • A page with the sessions in an "At-a-Glance" can be found here and may help in planning your session attendance
  • More detail on each session can be accessed by clicking on the session titles below:  

Winter PD Wonderland Sessions:
 Title / Brief Description
Click on title for expanded description
 Presenter Date / Time Room #
Designed to take the Classworks user even further into the program - for "advanced" users or "Champions"

 Anastasia TruemanJanuary 19 - am
January 19 - pm
Designed to help those just beginning to use Classworks for instruction 

Polk StaffJanuary 20 - am
(PM Session Canceled)
The latest research on the brain and how students learn

 April Spencer
January 19 - am
January 19 - pm
Vertical alignment meeting for Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers - PLEASE ATTEND
 Joe Appleton
Xan Morse
 January 19 - am Media
 5 Glencoe Math Text (Grades 6-8) Training
Hear tips from the publisher of our 6-8 Math texts and engage the online resource to help with instruction
Kedrick Lewis
Textbook Staff
January 19 - am

 6Reading 3D Training

How to better use Reading 3D and its wealth of reporting to inform instruction (focus on written comprehension) - Participants should bring charged device used for Reading 3D

 Kimberli McWhirterJanuary 20 - am
January 20 - pm

 7Darkness to Light - Stewards of Children
Kiesa Kay helps educators better understand the world of abuse and how to appropriately support those students dealing with abuse
Kiesa Kay,
Mary Edwards 
January 19- pm

 8 Teacher Dashboard
This course will review how to monitor students activity on Chromebooks, share documents with your class, and collect Documents from your class.
 Trey Staton January 19 - pm
January 20 - am
 9 SchoolNet Training Training on the Learning Management System features in HomeBase - how to use them to link instruction, assessment, and grading Dave Scherping

January 19 - am
January 20 - pm
 10 Google “Apps” Training Bolster your GoogleApps knowledge and skill to help you work and share more effectively and efficiently DeShane BriscoeJanuary 19 - am
January 19 - pm
January 20 - am
January 20 - pm 
 11Google Classroom Learn more about Google Classroom, Haiku, and OpenCLass and how to take your teaching online and into the virtual world Dave Scherping
January 19 -  pm
January 20 - am
 12"My Math" Grades K-5 Math Text Training Hear tips from the publisher of our K-5 Math texts and engage the online resource to help with instruction Stephanie Sanders
Textbook Staff
January 19 -  pm 403
 13 "Flipped" Classrooms  Hear from a Western NC expert in the world of "Flipped Classrooms" and how you can use these types of strategies to generate student interest, improve instruction, and save time - (Grades 3-5 in am / Grades 6-8 in pm) Jennifer Thomas 
January 20 - am
January 20 - pm
 14Literacy Foldables Great literacy "foldable" ideas for your classroom as well as the time and materials to make them Karen Sumner January 20 - am
January 20 - pm
 15 Developmental Assets Training The session will give insight into the social and emotional world in which students and their families operate, and how to leverage that knowledge to bolster achievement  Basil Savitsky January 20 - am
(PM Session Canceled)

 16 CPI Restraint Training
This is an "invite-only" session for initial or renewal certification in CPI / Restrain Training - please contact your Principal or Mike Melton with questions
 Mike Melton
January 19
(All Day 8:30 am to 4:00 pm) 
17Pre-K with Joe Appleton Continued focus on the work Pre-K has been doing with the "Foundations" curriculum Joe Appleton
Pre-K Staff
January 19 - pm206
18Dual Pre-K Session - Mandatory for Pre-K Teachers and Assistants (Due to schedule lunch will be provided) Pre-K Meeting - Licensing Required updates and information from NC Pre-K Pre-K Meeting - Looking at Assessment and Instruction Continued training on CLASS, COR, and Assessment and Instruction in Pre-K classrooms

NC Pre-K Staff

Xan Morse

January 20
10 am - 12 pm

January 20
12:30 - 3:30

TI-IN Room
Grades 5 & 6 Vertical Alignment Meeting
Vertical alignment meeting for grade 5 & 6 teachers - PLEASE ATTEND
(Teachers are encouraged to bring pacing guides, unit plans, alignment and resource guides, or other planning documents to aid in discussion)

 Beverly Gregory
Cari Maneen
Ginger Rackley
 January 20 - pm Media Cntr

Click on the link above to enter the GoogleForm for session sign-up if you have not already done so via the email link.  Please complete the form only once.