Polk County Middle School

---W O L V E R I N E S---

2018-2019 Supply List

7th Grade

1 2-inch Three-ring binder

1 set of at least 4 dividers

6 Composition notebooks (Cloth bound, not spiral wire bound)

1 Pack of Highlighters (3 count)

2 boxes of colored pencils (12 count boxes)

2 packs of glue sticks

3 Boxes of tissues

2         24 count boxes of Pencils  (mechanical or wooden)

2 Packs of Index Cards   

1 Disinfecting wipes

Blue or black pens

Red pens

Loose-leaf notebook paper (college ruled for Accelerated Language Arts)

2      pairs of ear buds (These should be inexpensive ear buds.  You will need these for

                 multiple classes, especially Science, Social Studies, and ELA)

Calculators- Students are NOT required to purchase a calculator; they will have access to a calculator during math class.  If students wish to purchase a calculator, we suggest getting the same kind we use in class: TI-30X IIS

Hole reinforcements would be a good thing to have, but are not required.

Please, no permanent markers or “Sharpies”.