In order to graduate from Polk County High School, every student must satisfactorily complete a Graduation Project as required by Polk County Schools Board of Education. The Graduation Project provides a meaningful experience with opportunity for in-depth learning about a self-selected topic. Through the project, each senior will also demonstrate global readiness, including 21st century skills. The project is completed during English class; therefore, the student's academic advisor for senior project will naturally be his/her English teacher, but the student may also utilize his grade-level advocate teacher for guidance as well. In addition, ample class time, ample access to the internet, and all other needed resources are provided to all students, during school, in order to be successful with this project.

Overall, the Graduation Project consists of four components tbe completed according to the specified guidelines and deadlines outlined in this website handbook.  The four components are described in detail in the above tabs, under the product, the research paper, the portfolio, and the formal presentation to the judges. The first component is the "product" which is the 15+ hands-on hours completed, outside of class, with an expert/mentor.  Secondly, the student will complete an in-depth research paper, combining their experience with research on the topic.  The third component is to compile an interesting portfolio in which to present the overall project.  And finally, students will be required to present their project effectively, with an applicable visual aid, to a panel of community and teacher judges. 

All information and dates that detail the fulfillment of assignments, the components, and the meeting of all deadlines are provided under the Deadlines and Grading tab above. All elements of the Graduation Project project are equitably evaluated through a systematic process of assessment. These requirements and grading systems are consistently followed and supported by all English teachers to the satisfaction of our Graduation Project Committee.  The Graduation Project committee consists of English teachers, regular teachers, scheduling expert/advisor, and members of PCHS administration. PCHS requires this Graduation Project completion because it is deemed a highly valuable experience for all seniors by the English department, the Project committee, the administration and the local Polk County School Board.

NOTE:  Under the guidelines set forth for all students to participate in Graduation Project, additional small curriculum, resource settings, as well as other accommodations, will be assigned, where appropriate, to Exceptional children, Limited English Proficient students and Section 504 students.  Transfer students will also receive accommodations in the form of a second semester class offering.