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Welcome to the Polk County Schools AdvancED Internal/External Review Site.  Polk County Schools will seek to renew its District Accreditation with AdvancED in the spring, summer, and fall of 2013.  The information and links on this website are intended to support the "internal" and "external" review processes involved in renewing district accreditation.  More information about AdvancED and the District Accreditation process can be found at  

Evidence-by-Standard Pages:  Please note the links on the left sidebar as they will lead to district and school evidence pages organized by standard.  The pages and links allow access to documents, files, and other information related to the accreditation renewal process.  External Review Team members will receive a team username and password that will allow access to the links and documents posted.  We thank you for visiting and hope you will find the site useful.  Please contact Aaron Greene at or 828-894-3051 if you have any trouble accessing or navigating the site, or with any questions or comments.

Confidentiality Note:  We ask that you keep the information shared with you confidential as some evidences will contain information that may be sensitive in nature, involve student information, or represent facts and figures out of regular context.  By selecting the links and entering the provided username and password, you are agreeing to use the accessed information only for the purposes of the external review and that you will not communicate, share, or discuss the linked content, files, or documents without express permission of Polk County Schools.  

Paper to Digital Note:  Although efforts have been made to digitize as much as possible, in some cases there may be a reference to documents in hardcopy form.  When this is true, a district employee's name will be included as the source for the document.  A printed / paper version will be provided for the External Review Team if requested.  Reviewers should be aware that some evidences may include computer file copies of plans with digital signatures or incomplete or scanned signature pages.  Please direct questions about any evidences or documentation found on this site to Aaron Greene, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  Thank you for taking the time to assess our district and schools, and we look forward to hearing how we can improve.

Polk County Schools District AdvancED Team (DAT)

Links to District Websites
Some links take the viewer to Polk County Schools internal and external websites.  You can access both homepages at the links below:
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