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Spring 2017

Why Students Resist Learning: A Practical Model for Understanding and Helping Students

Edited by Anton O. Tolman and Janine Kremling
Forward by John Tagg

Although the experience of encountering student resistance to learning opportunities is almost universal among faculty, the education and research literature does not even provide a comprehensive definition of resistance. The purpose of this book is to help faculty develop a coherent and integrated understanding of the various causes of student resistance to learning, provide them with a rationale for responding constructively, and enable them to create conditions conducive to implementing effective learning strategies. Written for faculty developers, faculty, and administrators, readers will discover an innovative integrated model that accounts for student behaviors and creates a foundation for intentional and informed discussion, evaluation, and the development of effective counter strategies.

This book is also unique because it integrates the first-hand experiences and reflections of a team of mostly undergraduate students who worked as co-authors on the book chapters. Most books about pedagogy or student learning talk about students. In this book, readers get to hear directly from the students themselves about resistance and how it affects learning.

“This book takes the challenge head on. It directly addresses the great and central problem: student resistance to active learning….As far as I can tell, this is the first book to address the phenomenon systematically and in a way that brings together a variety of perspectives and disciplines that can help to explain it….[Tolman and Kremling] give us an apparatus for solving t he problems rather than just blaming the students.” -- John Tagg

Anton O. Tolman, PhD, is Professor of Behavioral Sciences and past Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence at Utah Valley University. He currently serves as Faculty Coach for the new Office of Teaching and Learning. His work focuses on student resistance, metacognition, and power dynamics in the classroom.

Janine Kremling, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at California State University, San Bernadino. Her research in regard to student learning has focused mostly on metacognition and the impact of institutional culture on the learning environment.

Copyright Ninja: Rise of the Ninja

by Thomas J. Tobin

University counsel William Ullswater is frustrated that his response to copyright-related questions from faculty and administrative colleagues is always "well, it depends." He adopts the guise of the Copyright Ninja in order to deliver simple, back-of-the-envelope guidance that keeps those in higher education in the United States and Canada on the right side of the law most of the time. The Copyright Ninja silently and stealthily overcomes obstacles and challenges along the way, including security cameras, barking dogs, a particularly persistent squirrel—and nearly being unmasked.

Disclaimer: The author is not a lawyer, and the information contained in the comic is provided for educational purposes only, isn't a substitute for legal advice, and isn't to be construed as the rendering of a legal opinion. The ideas and materials in the comic are based on more than 20 years of practice as an educator, faculty developer, and all-around copyright nerd. Rest assured that actual lawyers who specialize in copyright and intellectual property have looked over this content and given it their general blessing.

Please see http://thomasjtobin.com for more information.