Utility Management

Welcome to the PNWS-AWWA Utility Management Group's Web pages.

Our membership is about 80 strong, a mix of utilities, consultants and suppliers personnel.

We have one sub group working in association with the Utility Management Group: The Asset Management Group

If you missed our 2019 Training Event on January 23, 2019, "Building Resilience in Your Organization", click here now to see the presentation and photos from the event.

Management at any level in a water utility is a significant responsibility requiring a complex set of skills and abilities. 
Whether a member is a seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic new comer, the committee seeks to identify ways in which it can assist any member in improving their management skills and expanding their personal knowledge base.
In the effort to provide a sound foundation for the management of tomorrow's businesses the Utility Management Committee wishes to provide and promote managerial training opportunities, interaction and fellowship with like minded organizations and people.

The Committee is committed to providing opportunities for knowledge and best practices techniques for effective utility management.
If you or anyone in your organization has a particular topic that they would like the committee to consider for training, please contact one of the committee officers.
Stay tuned!  Join us during our upcoming meeting on Thursday, February 21 from 11:00 to 12:00 pm.  If you are interested in joining our monthly conference calls, please send Diane Pottinger an email with your contact information at the address below to get added to our reminder email blast.   Interested in joining the conversation for a single event before signing up?  See the Agenda page for more information. 
Committee Officers:

Diane Pottinger (Chair)

North City Water District

Shoreline, WA

Phone: 206 362 8100

Lara Kammereck (Treasurer)

Carollo Engineers

Seattle, WA

Phone: 206 353 2938

Barry Buchannan (Immediate Past Chair and 
    Asset Management Subcommittee Chair)
Buchanan and Associates

Salem, OR  97302

Phone: 360 901 1564


(Board Contact) Dan Sleeth

Covington Water District

18631 SE 300th Pl

Kent, WA  98042

Phone: 253-867-0950