Welcome to the Training Coordination Committee page!

Our mission is to facilitate access to trainings, especially in underserved portions of the Section.
Following are our current initiatives. More detail is provided in the meeting minutes. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more or in joining our crack team.
1.      Annual section training calendar
2.      Chemistry for Operators course
3.      Math for Operators curriculum
4.      List of presenters

Loren Searl

Lisa Snowden





Would a basic waterworks course be useful in your area?

This 0.6 CEU Basic Waterworks course is ready for use throughout the Section. Please see our Basic Waterworks webpage for the list of trained instructors and other key information.


Could your area use training in arc flash, electrical, and controls?

Trained instructors are ready to assist with a 0.6 CEU-approved, 6-hour course. Please see our Arc Flash webpage for more details.



Courses Approved for CEUs

State sites

Idaho - https://secure.ibol.idaho.gov/eibolpublic/cecoursebrowser.aspx?bureau=wwp

Oregon - http://www.oesac.com/dwpcourses.htm

Washington - http://www.instruction.greenriver.edu/wacertservices/wwo/approved-courses/all-courses-approved-by-sponsor-or-title.aspx

Other locations for approved/upcoming courses


Idaho Rural Water Association - http://irwa.sharepoint.com/Pages/training.aspx



Oregon Association of Water Utilities - http://www.oawu.net/TrainingHome.htm



Evergreen Rural Water - http://erwow.org/blog/event-list


Hosting a Training?

Please see our Hosting page for a list of state-determined responsibilities and forms, and PNWS templates to help.