Welcome to the PNWS Small Systems Committee!

Our Mission: To provide support and resources for Small Systems and meet their challenges in today's changing world. 

Co-Chairs Lance Peterson and Bob Cunningham, each run separate small systems and are familiar with the trials and tribulations.
Their goal is to share, and assist Small Systems to achieve and succeed in a big way.  Whether you're looking for training, templates, how to's, or just general advice, Bob and Lance are here to help you!     

 Looking for something specific that makes 
YOUR life easier!?  Contact us!  

  • FREE--Financial Sustainability for Small Systems 2 hours (self-paced)--Course focuses on 3 major areas needed by small systems to achieve financial sustainability, including understanding enterprise funds and revenues, as well as an overview of what is needed to protect public health through safe water. 
  • FREE--Maintaining and Achieving RTCR Compliance for Small Systems--3 hours (self-paced) Focuses on 4 major areas needed to maintain and achieve compliance with the Revised Total Coliforum Rule, including when and how to conduct RTCR assessment, evaluation of sampling procedures, source water treatement assessments and evaluation of distribution system operations and maintenance practices on coliform occurrence. 

Small systems needing more in-depth help, may be eligible for free one on one technical, financial, and managerial assistance from EFCN and RCAP.

  • Whether it is help setting rates, creating an asset management plan, identifying sources of funding or lowering energy use or water loss, EFCN can provide expertise and guidance. Visit EFCN to fill out a request for assistance.
  • RCAP will carry out compliance-focused technical assistance projects in priority systems throughout the U.S., including territories. In addition, RCAP’s Technical Resource Team will provide subject matter support to these projects, and RCAP will reach an additional 100 operators of small, remote drinking water systems through its Distance Assistance initiative. To request assistance through the state RCAP offices, visit www.rcap.org/WhoWeAre.


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