Welcome to the PNWS-AWWA Conference Program Committee!

The annual spring conference is an important part of the PNWS-AWWA presence.   Along with great networking opportunities, vendor exhibits, and contests, the conference offers a technical program with sessions in a number of disciplines, allowing you to earn up to 2.0 CEUs and PDHs in a short time.  The technical program is delivered in just a few days; putting one together takes several months of effort from presenters and from many people representing various committees within the Section.

Each year, for 2 months beginning in late May, PNWS-AWWA calls for abstracts to be presented at the following year’s conference. In August, the abstracts are sent to the Section’s Committee Chairs for review and selection. In September, Committee Chairs submit their proposed technical sessions to the Program Committee Vice-Chair, who is responsible for assembling the program. Multiple committees often claim the same abstract, and these conflicts are resolved during the Fall Meetings in early October. The technical program is finalized, and the abstract authors are notified of their status. Copyright releases are obtained from accepted authors, as well as any additional information required by the application for CEUs.

In early December, the Program Committee submits the technical program for CEU certification to Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Each state evaluates the program and assigns CEUs according to its own rules; some sessions may qualify for CEUs in one state, but not another.  Once CEUs are assigned, the Program Committee finalizes information for the schedule and smart-phone conference app.

In January the session moderators, who are recruited by the committee hosting the session, begin communicating with the presenters assigned to their sessions.  In mid-April, moderators collect copies of the presentations.  In early June, following the conference, the presentations will be loaded onto the PNWS-AWWA website.

On this page, potential speakers can find information on submitting abstracts.  Conference participants and volunteers can find a link to AWWA Conference Presenter and Participant resources, detailing responsibilities of speakers, session moderators, and room monitors.  Committee chairs can find a timeline detailing the development of the conference program, and tips on creating a technical program (Committee Chairs and Developing Technical Sessions).  Announcements and communications from the Program Committee will also be posted (click the Announcements and the Documents links in the left sidebar).  

The Section Board of Trustees is working on changes to the format of the 2021 conference, in consideration of the unknown impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on an in-person conference in May 2021.

 We have closed the online abstract form for now and will send an announcement when we’re ready to receive abstracts again.

We are committed to fulfilling our mission of water industry education in a safe, accessible format. Thanks for your patience in these challenging times!

Abstract Form is Currently Closed


DeEtta Fosbury, Chair
GSI Water Solutions, Inc.

Cheryl Capron, Board Liaison