Excellence in Engineering Award

2019 Excellence in Engineering Award call for nominations is closed for 2019 
Thank you for your nominations and we look forward to celebrating the winners at the Section Conference!    

2019 Excellence in Engineering Awards

The Engineering Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Excellence in Engineering Awards, with a deadline for submissions by January 16, 2019.  To nominate a project, please go to the Constant Contact site.  

The award recognizes excellence in engineering and/or planning for water supply, treatment, or conveyance projects.  Persons, agencies, consultants, contractors, and water utilities who have recently or will be completing an eligible project in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington may apply.

 Projects may be submitted within the following categories:

  • Large Engineering Works (with construction value greater than $5,000,000)
  • Small Engineer Works (with construction value less than or equal to $5,000,000)
  • Engineering Planning

The Engineering Committee will be looking for outstanding water related projects for consideration for the 2019 award which have shown the following:

  • Creativity and innovation in planning or design,
  • Overall cost savings to the water using community,
  • Enhanced safety to the public and/or water resources,
  • Extended asset service life,
  • Integration of cutting edge technology, and
  • Sustainability.

The Engineering Committee is using the Constant Contact site to collect registration forms.  An entry fee of $100 will be required and can be paid by credit card through the website or via check.  Fees are used to cover the cost of award plaques for the winning nominations.  Project narratives and supplemental materials shall be submitted electronically via email to the Engineering Committee. 

Winners will be notified by February 8, 2019 and will be announced during the Best Tasting Water presentation at the PNWS-AWWA conference in Vancouver, Washington. Each winner will be offered the opportunity to prepare a poster on their project to be featured at the conference.

 Please contact Joelle Bennett at joelle.bennett@tvwd.org or (503) 941-4577 for more information.

Please nominate your project and get some well-deserved recognition!


Congratulations to Last Year's Winners!

The Engineering Committee is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Excellence in Engineering awards.  Excellence can take many forms, and the awards look to acknowledge creativity and innovation in overcoming difficult project challenges.

Nominations were accepted across three distinct project categories:

·         Best Engineering Planning Project

·         Best Small Engineering Works Project (construction cost of less than $5,000,000)

·         Best Large Engineering Works Project (construction cost of $5,000,000 or more)

Best Engineering Planning Project

Tacoma Water won the planning category with their Potential Lead Gooseneck Service Replacement Plan. The project developed a strategic plan to replace approximately 1,215 potential lead gooseneck services in the water system. Tacoma Water’s plan identified that it will remove lead goosenecks by targeting the population of potential lead gooseneck services for replacement in a strategic manner that will:

A.   Accomplish all replacements within 5 years
B.   Complete work in a geographically equitable manner
C.   Provide relevant, regular communication
D.   Tactically coordinate and plan service replacements
E.   Minimize disruptions to staffing levels and planned work


Given the sensitive nature of lead related to public water systems, their plan includes steps to verify goosenecks at each customer home, establishes milestones within time and the project’s $9.9 million budget, and provides multiple tools to communicate with customers and public officials.

Team members deserving special recognition include Corey Bedient, Ryan Flynn, Matt Hubbard, and Seth Doull.


Best Small Engineering Works Project

The North City/Denny Clouse Pump Station project for the North City Water District was selected as the winner. Located in Shoreline, Washington, the pump station was needed to increase the reliability of domestic, fire, and emergency water supply to customers in three pressure zones. A team of consultants, led by BHC, designed the facility that utilizes pumping to supply water to the newly expanded 615 Zone, gravity to the 590 Zone, and pressure reducing valves to the 502 Zone. Unique to the project was the need to work around, and keep operational, the existing pump station, a storage reservoir, and maintain access to cellular communications equipment. Construction was successfully completed in 2017 by JW Fowler.


Team members deserving special recognition include Denny Clouse, Diane Pottinger, and Valerie Tokumoto of the North City Water District, Ron Dorn, Ken Dahl, Jeff Gibson, Preston Love, and Dave Harms of BHC Consultants, Vince Follett of Follett Engineering, Donn Stone of Rolluda Architects, Ola Jarvegren of FSi, Jamie Van De Vanter of the Van De Vanter Group, and Adam Jenkins of The Greenbusch Group.


Best Large Engineering Works Project

The winner was the Lake Oswego-Tigard WTP Expansion project. In 2008, the cities of Lake Oswego and Tigard endorsed a partnership agreement for sharing drinking water resources and costs. By sharing the costs of planning, designing, and constructing a new water supply system, each city secured its long-term water supply needs at a cost neither could afford alone. The Project Delivery Team was responsible for the innovative design which more than doubled the capacity of the existing LO-T WTP (from 16 to 38 mgd) by carefully replacing the existing treatment processes with new, higher-rate and more robust treatment technologies (including a new administration building, finished water pump station and clearwell), all while maintaining uninterrupted supply to customers.


Design was completed by Stantec, Program Manager was Brown and Caldwell, and construction was completed by Slayden.