Excellence in Engineering Award

The Call for Nominations for the
2018 Excellence in Engineering Awards has been extended to January 15, 2018!

The Engineering Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Excellence in Engineering Awards, with an extended deadline for submissions by January 15, 2018.  To nominate a project, please go to the Constant Contact site (2018 Excellence in Engineering).  

Projects may be submitted within the following categories:

  • Large Engineering Works (with construction value greater than $5,000,000)
  • Small Engineer Works (with construction value less than or equal to $5,000,000)
  • Engineering Planning

Winners will be notified in by January 31, 2018, and will be announced during the Opening General Session on Thursday morning of the PNWS-AWWA conference in Tacoma, Washington. Each winner will be offered the opportunity to prepare a presentation on their project to be included within the Engineering Committee sponsored technical session following the opening session. 

The award recognizes excellence in engineering and/or planning for water supply, treatment, or conveyance projects.  Persons, agencies, consultants, contractors, and water utilities who have recently or will be completing an eligible project in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington may apply.

The Engineering Committee will be looking for outstanding water related projects for consideration for the 2018 award which have shown the following:

  • Creativity and innovation in planning or design,
  • Overall cost savings to the water using community,
  • Enhanced safety to the public and/or water resources,
  • Extended asset service life,
  • Integration of cutting edge technology, and
  • Sustainability.

The Engineering Committee is using the Constant Contact site (2018 Excellence in Engineering) to collect registration forms.  An entry fee of $100 will be required, and can be paid by credit card through the website or via check.  Fees are used to cover the costs of award plaques for the winning nominations.  Project narratives and supplemental materials shall be submitted electronically via email to the Engineering Committee.  Please contact Scott Duren (sduren@wsc-inc.com) at (503) 419-6336 x400 for more information.

Please nominate your project and get some well-deserved recognition!

And Congratulations to Last Year's 2017 

Excellence in Engineering Award Winners!!


Best Large Engineering Works Category - Construction cost greater than $5M

Morse Lake Pump Plant

Two 120 million gallon per day (MGD) pump stations were replaced with a single new 240 MGD floating pump station on the Chester Morse Lake reservoir to improve water supply reliability for 1.4 million customers.  The new floating pump station utilizes modular steel pontoons to form an 80-foot by 40-foot barge that supports the four submerged axial-flow pumps and intake screens.  The low-head pump station is used to convey water when the lake elevation drops below the crest of an intermediate dike.  The floating pump station is stored in a weather protected cove and is transported to an operating position where it utilizes a "space station" docking mechanism to mate with submerged 48-inch diameter HDPE pipelines with no mechanical couplings.  The project team consisted of the following members:

  • Seattle Public Utilities
  • BHC Consultants
  • Reid Middleton
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • CivilTech
  • Whitney Equipment
  • Orion Marine Group
  • Valley Electric             

Best Small Engineering Works Category - Construction cost less than or equal to $5M

Butterfield Water Treatment Plant Intake

Located on the Columbia River, the Butterfield Intake plays a crucial role in the City of Pasco's water supply.  The intake's existing traveling screen was under capacity and no longer met new fish protection guidelines. Two new drum screens, a customized hydroburst cleaning system, and new electrical equipment were designed to fit within the existing intake facility. Dive inspections were used to develop safe and practical construction strategies and barges were used for equipment delivery to allow completion of construction within the limited in-water-work window.  Custom fabrication and phasing plans kept the existing facility in continuous operation during construction.   The project team consisted of the following members:

  • City of Pasco, Washington
  • RH2 Engineering
  • Ballard Marine Construction    

Best Engineering Planning Project Category

Strategic Main Replacement Program

Tacoma Water used economic modeling to identify the "right money, on the right mains, at the right time." Advanced asset management techniques were used to strategically select water mains for replacement, based on risk, life-cycle costs, and net present value.  The team developed a tool comprised of an economic model and a multiple asset decision module interfacing with ArcGIS.  During the utility's 2017-2018 biennial budgeting process, the tool was used to develop over 30 business case evaluations worth nearly $14M.