Entering & Posting Final Exam Grades in Blackbaud

1. Open a Gradebook
2. Set Marking Column to Multiple
3. Enter Final Exam Grades as a percent - For example a student who scored a 113/150 = 75.33%, you would enter 75.33

4. Enter comments for the Final Exam in the Tri 2 Exam column (not required by Administration). 
5. Enter comments for the overall trimester in the Tri 2 Fin Grade column (required by Administration). 
    **NOTE: Comments posted in Tri2 are for Midterm grades ONLY and are not exported at any other time. Comments for the end of the trimester are to be posted under Tri 2 Fin Grade so they show up on the report cards. 

    **NOTE: You are no longer limited on the number of Comments you provide to a student. All Comments that are checked will be exported and on the report card. 

Posting Final Grades
1. While still in the Marking Column: Multiple, Click on the column link Tri 2 Fin Grade Not Ready.
2. A pop-up box will appear. Change everything to READY
**The Registrar requires all of the following be marked as READY: Tri2, Tri2 Exam, & Tri2 Fin.**
3. Choose OK in the pop-up box.
4. Choose Save on the page before going to the next class. 

For Help Relating to BlackBaud, please contact the following people:

Jenn Perino
Director of Instructional Technology 

Tim Irwin
Theology Dept. Chair 

PeggySue Brown
Computer Science/Math 

Kathy Svoboda
English Dept. Chair