Adding Comments & Posting Midterm Grades

Adding Comments
Start in your Gradebook.

1. Click on the first number in the Trimester Grade column.
2. Click on Edit Comments.
Fig. 1
  • Pop-Up window appears. [If a pop-up window does not open, click on Safari-->uncheck Block Pop-Up Windows]
Fig. 2
1. Click on the binoculars to bring up the Comment List.
  • Another pop-up window will open with the comments.
Fig. 3
  • Select a minimum of one comment, a maximum of 4 comments-->OK
  • Then.......
Fig. 2 #2-->Click on the arrow to the next student. -->
Repeat the binoculars-->choosing comments-->arrowing to the next student until you are on the last student in the class.

Fig. 2 #3-->Save and Close on the last student.

Fig. 1 #3-->Save Gradebook

Posting Grades Midterm Grades
  • Rollover Gradebook and 
  • Click on Mark Grades Ready for Registrar

1. Check Trimester is current.
2. Change all to: Ready.
3. Save.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Perino at