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Dream is a Wish your heart makes.

Watch the following:





Goals are the Roadmaps to your Dreams.

They give you both a destination and an itinerary.   No matter how big your aspirations, setting Goals is the best way to get from point A to point B, and eventually to the finish line  

With every goal you accomplish, you are one step closer to the life you want to lead J






When setting Goals, they should be SMART:

   Specific;   detailed plan of action, with steps to reach the goal

   Measurable;   concrete enough to see your progress

   Achievable:   attainable given your resources

   Realistic;   requires you to work hard to reach, but it is reachable                                               

   Timely;   clear objective in specific time frame


                                        Wake up with a PLAN! 


 Tips for achieving your goal;

     1.    Write it down    

   -putting it in writing moves you from “wish-mode” to “action-mode”

   -keep it where you can see it and read it every day


       2.   Use positive affirmations

            -research shows they are a powerful tool for change; express in present tense

            -when you change your thoughts and attitudes, your behavior generally follows

            -repeat your goal to yourself


       3.   Make a plan

            -make sure it is a SMART plan

            -should include short, intermediate, and long term goals


        4.   Review, Evaluate, and Revise when, and if necessary

            -sometimes we need to change direction is something isn’t working

            -its ok to revise your way to achieve your goal


        5.    Don’t get discouraged, and Do Not Give Up!!

         ·     You will come across obstacles and/or problems.

             -they are a part of everyday life; it’s how you handle them, your attitude or mindset toward them

             -they are stepping stones to where you want to be

             -they are like body-builders; they use resistance to build their muscles and shape (sculpt)

                     -problems sculpt our character







To set goals, means to set a course for your life.   

Without goals, you remain where you are, just going through the motions, living day to day with no direction.   With goals you work to become the person you are proud of inside and out.

Your Wishes come true!




Smart Goal Setting;

    Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely





~using Technology in scoring;
    ~bowling genius

~watch the following video on your approach and timing

        ~highlight, copy

Seize the Day

Everyday is an opportunity: an opportunity to try again, an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life, an opportunity to make an improvement in your life. Seize those opportunities every chance you can. It is so easy to live in the pain of yesterday, or be overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the future, that you can miss the promise of today. 


Try and develop an approach of focusing on what you can do, instead of what you can't. The more you do that, the more you will develop a positive, hope-filled outlook as you see how what you can do day after day, no matter how small, leads to a real improvement in your life and those you love. 

Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the Lord. - Psalm 31:25



PE Participation Rubric









Shows strong leadership qualities on team

Shows some leadership qualities on team

Team player

Shows very little teamwork

Not a team player



Demonstrates maximum effort

Demonstrates strong effort

Demonstrates some effort

Demonstrates very little effort

Total lack of effort



Shows total knowledge of rules of activity

Shows good knowledge of rules of activity

Shows some knowledge of rules of activity

Shows very little knowledge of rules of activity

Shows no knowledge of rules of activity



Dressed in complete PE uniform

Dressed in complete PE uniform

Dressed in complete PE uniform

Dressed, but not in complete uniform

Dressed, but not in complete uniform

Not dressed;

No note


Presidential Fitness Testing

  Mile run = cardiovascular endurance                        
  Pull ups = upper body strength and endurance                      
  Curl ups = abdominal strength and endurance           
  Shuttle run = speed and agility                                                      
  Sit and reach
 = flexibility

Health related components;                         Skill related components;
~body composition                                            ~agility
~cardio endurance                                            ~balance
~flexibility                                                          ~coordination
~muscular endurance                                       ~power
~muscular strength                                           ~reaction time

"Developing the whole person- spirit, body, and mind."

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