Clothing I Syllabus



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Sewing Supplies Needed:

  • Bent-handled fabric shears - 7" or 8"
  • Sewing/hem gauge - 6"
  • Tape measure - 60" with plastic tips
  • Seam ripper
  • Pins - LONG ones with BIG colored heads ONLY
  • Wrist pin cushion - optional - check w/ Teacher
  • Needles - for hand sewing - sizes 7 to 9 - optional - check w/ Teacher
  • Tailor's chalk or chalk pencils - (1) white and (1) in a darker color
  • Safety Pins - 1 (one) package of BIG pins

You do not have to provide a sewing basket - storage for the above items is provided for you in class.  Please do not vary from these items.  I have very specific reasons for having these very specific items only.

Items Constructed in Class:

Student are required to make three (3) projects (with pattern options selected by me) to complete this course and will be graded on each one.  Pattern, material (always washed and , if necessary, ironed before bringing to class), thread and any other sewing notions will need to be purchased as directed.  Other projects may be done as time permits.  All project selection options come from Simplicity or McCall patterns only.  I choose patterns that teach beginning sewing techniques to the students but not to overwhelm their abilities.

  • Project #1 - Pillowcase(s) - instructions supplied by instructor.
  • Project #2 - Pillow(s) - pattern supplied by instructor.
  • Project #3 - Elastic waist skirt(s) - instructions supplied by instructor.
  • Additional projects - to be decided/as time permits.

Material, patterns (if student asked to purchase) and notions (thread and/or elastic) for each project must be in the classroom ready to begin as soon as the previous project is done.  Continuous sewing is required in this course.  Loss of daily 'participation points' will take place for any 'down time'.  Planning ahead on the part of the student(s) is a must.

The 3 project requirement for this course was chosen so that it may be completed in the 12-week time frame.  If a student has been absent it may be necessary for them to come in on their own time to get the sewing caught up.  No project ever leaves the classroom and is never to be done at home.

Course Outline:

No tests are given over the chapters.  Study guides** on the following chapters are used for this course (in addition to hands-on sewing projects that reinforce the textbook information) and are given to the student one week prior to the date due.  Duplicate study guides will not be given out if original lost.  The study guides** are to be kept and used as study tools for the final exam.  There is not a hands-on portion to the final exam - T/F, multiple choice questions and short answer questions only. 

**See note below.

(See calender attached to this website for exact dates that the study guides** are due.  No study guides** will be accepted late for full credit ('late' being anytime after the bell has rung to begin the class and/or after I have called for the assignment in class) unless the student has been absent.)  I do accept the study guides late for 24 hours for 1/2 credit.  After 24 hours I do not accept work late.

The following are the chapters with study guides that are covered in the course:

Ch. #8
Ch. #9
Ch. #10
Ch. #11
Ch. #12
Ch. #13
Ch. #14
Ch. #15
Ch. #16
Ch. #17
Ch. #25
Ch. #29

**   I know in our rush to get school work done we sometimes do not read the actual information in the assigned chapters in the text.  I encourage you as you do the study guides to take the time to read the information in the assigned chapters in the text as well as any chapters that we do not cover in the course, if your schedule and time permits, particularly if you are serious about continuing to learn to sew and increasing your understanding of the techniques.  Reading especially the assigned chapters will help you gain, and comprehend even better, knowledge you did not know and will help you to understand even more of what goes on, and is discussed and used, in class.

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