Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Shoe Recycling at McKinley

Shoe recycling takes place right here at McKinley Elementary!!

Do you still have your kid’s worn out shoes hanging around the house?  Do some of your own shoes need  to be discarded?  Are you willing to do something really easy that will help our environment, help kids and last but not least, clean up your house? McKinley Elementary collects old, worn out athletic shoes to be recycled through the Nike reuse-a-shoe program.  Instead of the shoes going to the landfills, the shoes will be recycled into materials for the creation of new athletic surfaces at schools and parks. Please drop off your athletic shoes (men’s, women’s and children’s sizes all accepted) in the white wooden container outside of the small gym. Mention it to family members  and neighbors.  We want to collect a lot!

Please do not:
  • tie the shoes together
  • put in plastic bags or
  • bring shoes with any metal, cleats or spikes.

 If you would like  to learn more about the Nike reuse-a-shoe program, please visit