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Architectural Control

Section 1. Approval Necessary.  No building, outbuilding, garage, fence, wall, retaining wall, or other structure of any kind shall be erected, constructed, placed or maintained on the Properties, nor shall any dwelling or other improvements on each home, as originally constructed and provided by Builder, be altered, changed, repaired or modified unless prior to the commencement of any work thereof, two complete plans and specifications therefore, including, as applicable, front, side and rear elevations, and floor plans, and two plot plans indicating and fixing the exact location of such improvements, structures or such altered structure on the home with reference to the street and side lines thereof, shall have been first submitted in writing for approval and approved in writing by the Architectural Committee.  The foregoing prior approval is intended to specifically apply to the painting of a dwelling or any other maintenance or repair which changes the exterior appearance of a dwelling or other improvements on a home.

Section 3.  Endorsement of Plans.  Approval of plans, specifications and location of improvements by the Architectural Committee shall be endorsed on both sets of said plans and specifications, and one set shall forthwith be returned by the Architectural Committee to the person submitting the same.  The approval of the Architectural Committee of plans or specifications submitted for approval, as herein specified, shall not be deemed to be a waiver by the Architectural Committee of the right to object to any of the features or elements embodied in such plans or specifications, if and when the same features and elements are embodied in any subsequent plans and specifications submitted for approval for use on other homes. To enter the text that you'd like on your page, highlight this text with your mouse and begin typing to replace it. Edit images by "clicking" on them.

You can mail your architectural requests to:
PG Communities
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Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Fax: 260-489-8544
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