This page is being set up as an example of what could be done with a Google Wiki. The target audience being our volunteers. The goal being standardizing on the tools we all use as volunteers for PMI Portland Chapter.
TrackItForward is now used to track volunteer hours.
With TrackItForward comes a location for the volunteer to update their own contact information rather than relying on an old out of date Google Form/Sheet. Click on:  TrackItForward/pmi-portland
Like Slack, many of the chapter volunteers are using Trello. Trello is a Kanban style board that allows teams to move "cards" between lists and bulletin boards. Unlike the butcher paper and post-it method used on meeting room walls, you can attach most any kind of electronic median to the card.
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Google Hangouts is used by many volunteers in their personal lives and now as a conference calling and team meeting tool. Currently you can only have 10 people on a video conference call, but once we go live on Google Apps that number goes up to 15 people on a video conference.

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