Paul Maloney 

A professional GameMaster (GM) 

Introduction to Paul Maloney

An experienced GM who loves shared story telling roleplaying games where the players create the story along with the GM and I just guide us all to the best story experience possible.

I've been a GM and Player for over 30 years, played many systems across all genres but have now settled on Dungeons and Dragons 5E for Fantasy and Call of Cthulhu for Horror.

I run everything from one shots to introduce players to a system to full blown campaigns taking players from meeting each other to battling world-ending events.

Because I do a lot of introduction games I ensure that every player feels included, is involved in the game and progresses both their characters and themselves as a player.

What is a Professional GameMaster

A Professional GameMaster brings experience and skill to your roleplaying experience. They are experts in running games for 1 or more players to ensure the players can focus on the game and have a good experience.

A Pro GM will bring all the necessary tools and equipment (either virtual or physical) to the game and adapt the game to the players.

Many people want to play roleplaying games but struggle to find someone to take on the role of GameMaster, a Pro GM takes that problem away and leaves you and your friends to have the best game experience possible.

Professional GameMaster in a Corporate environment

In a corporate environment a Professional GM can help with team building or social events.

For team building the GM can build games and scenarios to give experience on leadership, collaboration, team working, conflict and social interactions. 

The event can just be used to create the experiences or, with either direct input from the GM or a neutral viewer, can help provide learning goals and objectives for people.

As a social event a roleplaying session with a Pro Gm can provide an escape from the daily work, an exciting evening of adventure, triumph and stories or be part of a wider social event to give people different options on the day.

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Contact Information

To book an event with Paul use the Request Booking form on this link

Email for more information on bespoke events or requests.