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Plymouth is well recognised nationally and around the world for the innovative and exciting work that is taking place in the City and the way it has developed over the past few years.  By International Education, we mean an understanding of the world in which we live: the values and cultures of different societies; the ways in which we are increasingly dependent upon one another; and the ways in which we all, as global citizens, can influence and shape the changes in the global economy, environment and society of which we are part.  One cannot truly educate young people in this country without the international dimension being a very significant and real part of their learning experience.
I retired from Plymouth City Council in April but will continue to support schools with aspects of the international dimension as a British Council Ambassador. In addition this website provides useful information on a range of initiatives including the International School Award, International Programmes, Area links, Resources and Contacts (just click on the appropriate button at the top of the page).  
My personal email address is: and I look forward to continuing to work with you.