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  Sound and Light
  Native Americans/Early Settlers
LIteral/Non-Literal Language

Johnny Appleseed Brain Pop Video
Idioms Game

Writing a Tall Tale Video

BrainPOP Jr. Similes

12/7 Lesson Path

12/7 Google Slide
Lesson Path 


Rocks in his Head



  Stone Fox Activities
Lesson Path
Vocab. chs. 1-5
Quizlet chs. 1-5

Becktel Ch. 1 questions

Houin Ch.1 Questions

Price Ch. 1 Questions

Becktel Ch. 2 questions

Houin Ch. 2 Questions

Price Ch. 2 Questions

Becktel Ch. 3 questions

Houin Ch. 3 Questions

Price Ch. 3 Questions

Becktel Ch. 4 questions

Houin Ch. 4 Questions

Price Ch. 4 Questions

Becktel Ch. 5 Questions

Houin Ch. 5 Questions

Price Ch. 5 Questions

Becktel Ch. 6 Questions

Houin Ch. 6 Question

Price Ch. 6 Questions

Becktel Ch. 7 Questions

Houin Ch. 7 Questions

Price Ch. 7 Questions

Becktel Ch. 8 Questions

Houin Ch. 8 Questions

Price Ch. 8 Questions

Becktel Ch. 9 Questions

Houin Ch. 9 Questions

Price Ch. 9 Questions

Becktel Ch. 10 Questions

Houin Ch. 10 Questions

Price Ch. 10 Questions

Iditarod video
Wyoming facts

Vocab. chs. 6-10
Quizlet chs. 6-10

 Sled Dog Breeds

Dog Sled basics

What to include in a brochure

Wyoming Facts
More Wyoming Facts
Maine Facts

Indiana Facts
More Indiana Facts
Indiana State Symbols

Fairy Tales 

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday

Venn Diagram

Character Traits Brain Pop

Point of View Brain Pop

Houin Pioneer Living:  That's a Fact!

Houin Fact or Opinion Task Card 1a

Houin Fact or Opinion Task Card 1b

Houin Fact or Opinion Task Card 2a

Houin Fact or Opinion Task Card 2b

Houin Fact or Opinion Task Card 3a

Houin Fact or Opinion Task Card 3b

 PBS Kids Folktales & Fables
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