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 Unit 1  
Boom Town Cover

What About Me

If you made a million
Rows and Piles
 Unit 2  
Penguin Chick
A Day's Work
Prudy's Problem
Tops and Bottoms
William's House


 Unit 3  
The Gardener
Pushing Up the Sky
Night Letters
A Symphony of Whales

Vocab. activity

Interactive volcano site
Volcano video
Geology for kids
 Unit 4  
Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest
Rocks in his Head
Gertrude Ederle
Fly, Eagle, Fly
 Unit 5  
Suki's Kimono
How My Family Lives in America
Good-Bye 382
Jalapeno Bagels
Me and Uncle Romie
 Unit 6  
Statue of Liberty
Mr. Kang
 Talking Walls: Art for the People
Two Bad Ants
Elena's Serenade

  Stone Fox Activities
Vocab. chs. 1-5
Quizlet chs. 1-5

Becktel Ch. 1 questions

Houin Ch.1 Questions

Price Ch. 1 Questions

Becktel Ch. 2 questions

Houin Ch. 2 Questions

Price Ch. 2 Questions

Becktel Ch. 3 questions

Houin Ch. 3 Questions

Price Ch. 3 Questions

Becktel Ch. 4 questions

Houin Ch. 4 Questions

Price Ch. 4 Questions

Becktel Ch. 5 Questions

Houin Ch. 5 Questions

Price Ch. 5 Questions

Becktel Ch. 6 Questions

Houin Ch. 6 Question

Price Ch. 6 Questions

Becktel Ch. 7 Questions

Houin Ch. 7 Questions

Price Ch. 7 Questions

Becktel Ch. 8 Questions

Houin Ch. 8 Questions

Price Ch. 8 Questions

Becktel Ch. 9 Questions

Houin Ch. 9 Questions

Price Ch. 9 Questions

Becktel Ch. 10 Questions

Houin Ch. 10 Questions

Price Ch. 10 Questions

Iditarod video
Wyoming facts

Vocab. chs. 6-10
Quizlet chs. 6-10

 Sled Dog Breeds

Dog Sled basics

What to include in a brochure

Wyoming Facts
More Wyoming Facts

Indiana Facts
More Indiana Facts
Indiana State Symbols

Fairy Tales 

 PBS Kids Folktales & Fables
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