Plymothian Bus Services


Incorporating Devon & Cornwall Transit

This is the new sister site to Plymothian Transit which looks in more detail at all the bus routes in and around Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

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Operators who have their own bus routes page set up will have their own pages for Licences and PIs found via the Operators index. For any operator not listed you can use the search function until they all get added. 

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Index of all the operator licences noted in this site with date range noted. 

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All the latest page updates will be noted here

current route index

New - will be a current route index

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All the emergency timetables can be found here


Selected documents and files 


New page being added from July 2017 with links to various operators own web sites and other sites of interest. 

Older pages

There are still a lot of older route pages which have not moved across to the operators pages as above. These are all being moved as and when I get the chance or the rout itself gets changed. Use the search facility for route numbers as this will find everything thats here!