Image ©Jos Van Hemeert 

The Timeline

The fleet history collection is being built up into a full fleet history for Plymouth City Transport from the arrival of the first new omnibuses in 1920. The main focus is the full timeline which is a spreadsheet with all the buses for all the years! The idea being you can look down any year and see what buses were in use in full fleet number order. You can then click through to a page with full vehicle details and any subsequent information. 

The year by year history is provided in more detail in the full PCT History pages which will build up into a year by year account of everything that happened during the course of each year. This is very much a work in progress!

The full listing of all buses NEW to Plymouth City Transport is much more up to date in that it already contains ALL new buses up to and including 1982. This will fairly soon be completed to bring it bang up to date. 

Alongside the full fleet history there is a set of documents which provide full histories of all buses which have passed through the fleet. Again very much a work in progress as it will take months to get all the information in. Each document will provide full vehicles details of all buses joining the fleet in a set year along with a full subsequent history of each bus. When you clcik a link in the timeline this is where you end up!