Ground Rules

Participating in this poll, either by voting for candidate names or by submitting your own suggestions, constitutes your express acceptance of the following conditions:

No prizes, awards, or any other type of recognition will be given to any participant.

You may vote multiple times, but no more than once per day.

We reserve the right to curtail abusive activity, including but not limited to, automated voting, denial of service attempts, disrupting, harming, tampering with, or maliciously interfering with our web sites.

The poll is open to anyone. No registration is required in order to vote.

We will not collect any personally-identifiable or private information associated with any participant.

This poll is being conducted by the SETI Institute and by Dr. Mark Showalter on behalf of the P4/P5 discovery team. It is not affiliated with NASA, the Space Telescope Science Institute, the New Horizons Mission, or the International Astronomical Union.

We will take into consideration the results of the voting, but they are not binding. The discovery team, in consultation with the Nomenclature Working Groups of the International Astronomical Union, reserves the right to propose the names. Note that the International Astronomical Union has final authority over the naming of Pluto's moons.

SETI Institute reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.