Cultural Relevance start-up session with Nell Eby - Oct 10, 2014, 10am to noon

Session Information
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Nell Eby, MSPR, Cultural Broker

Nell Eby is an enrolled member of the Assiniboine Nation, Fort Peck Tribes. She has a Master of Science in Public Relations from MSU-Billings where she is an Adjunct Instructor in the Communications Department. Nell is a public presenter and consultant on the topic of cultural competency.

Her professional experience includes 18 years in Federal Government service for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service and 12 years experience in mental health, aging, victim and disability services. Nell owns the consulting business,
Elk River Cultural Connections.

This is the first of an ongoing series that Nell will be sharing. All sessions will be archived for later viewing. Visit her website here:

Session Description
This Cultural Relevance start up session will be an overview of upcoming sessions over the school year.  The focus of the training will be on the American Indian population of the Great Plains culture area.  The training over upcoming months will be inclusive of information on American Indian (AI) demographics, the historical significance of AI defining moments in history, AI spirituality, and AI social/family structures. In addition, attendees will learn of contemporary issues affecting current communications with this population.  We will have a discussion on what cultural relevance is and what that means to PLUK advocates and other professionals.  In this first session we will also review outcomes of the audience analysis whereby attendees will have opportunity to add other issues of probable concern in their work with the AI people.

This session will be live online at and in person at the PLUK office, 516 N 32nd St, Billings MT. There is no registration. Send questions to

Download flier: PLUK-NellEby-10-10-14

Here are online directions to view the award winning "We Shall Remain" PBS series I mentioned to the group; if you will please forward to everyone. 

These are excellent and accurate docudramas from a Native perspective.  There are 5 films in the series. 

Click on the following URL website or cut and paste in the address.  Click on Episode 1 "After the Mayflower," the first in the series.  Then click on "more about film", then on "watch film."  At the end of the 2:51 second introduction, a prompt will appear on your screen "Browse More Videos."  Click on that, then click on the first segment "After the Mayflower."  Follow the steps for all the rest of the series clips.

You can otherwise order the series through

Watch with friends and family!

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Cultural Relevance with Nell Eby