Areas in Need of Support


Alternative Options for Support





- Will student be able to make good decisions about IEP?


- Will the parent be shut out of the IEP process and not allowed to give input?
















- What if a school requires a parent signature for students over 18 stating the parent  takes financial responsibility on field trip

 -When the transfer of rights paperwork is completed at school,  parents are to continue to receive notices for IEP and Evaluation Report Team meetings

-The youth and selected family members can create a “Educational Advocacy Form” and a “Consent to release information” form” stating that the youth wants a particular person at their meetings and wants them to sign off on their IEPs in addition to themselves.


- Educational Power of Attorney Form (POA) states that someone other than the youth will make decisions in regard to education and the IEP.  (This strategy authorizes someone to make decisions FOR the student rather than WITH the student.)


- If the student is over the age of 18 and they are their own guardian, the parents should no longer state that they assume financial liability.