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College Students


Our cadets at Pacific Lutheran University are involved in the community and the school.

Our cadets are involved in physical fitness! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 0630-0730. Cadets work out in the Field house in Olson Gym.  All the cadets also get together one weekend a month to conduct training.

This includes:
•    Rappelling
•    Land Navigation
•    Leadership Reaction Courses
•    Obstacle Courses
•    Basic Rifle Marksmanship


Our cadets are also participate in numerous activities on Campus.

Some of the activities our cadets are involved in include:

•    Nursing
•    Economics
•    History
•    Biology
•    Math
•    Jazz Band
•    Psychology
•    Physical Training
•    International Relationships
•    Academic Assistance Tutor
•    Civil War Reenactment
•    Varsity, Club, and Intramural Sports
•    Cheer
•    Dance Team
•    Opera
•    Business
•    Criminal Justice
•    Communications

Our cadets bring excellent diversity to PLU!  We have a 59% to 41% mix of male to female cadets, with 32% of our cadets come from minority ethnic and racial groups.


Please fill out this form to get in contact with our Scholarship Enrollment Officer, if you are interested in scholarship or joining ROTC.  We are also available by phone at 253-535-8740 and by email at rotc@plu.edu.