I have taught philosophy at Pacific Lutheran University since 1999. My background is in theology (Mdiv, ThM), after which I was awarded the  PhD. in Philosophy from the University of Oregon (1999).

I am currently a Research Associate in the Institute for Ethics, Law and Conflict at Oxford University.  I am finishing a book political ethics that will be published by Bloomsbury (formerly Continuum), and am the series co-editor on the thought of Paul Ricoeur. I employ this framework to think about political problems such as negotiation, war and peace, and the ethics of humanitarian intervention.  I am also active in the Oxford Humanitarian Group, and am the founder of the International Honors Program in Social Justice at PLU that takes place each Spring at Oxford University/Regents Park College.

Contact information:
Department of Philosophy
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447-0003
Tele:  (253) 535-8306
Email:  johnsogs@plu.edu