The Following information and websites have been commonly used by current and previous PLU School Of Nursing Students. 

   1. Research Resources

    2. Medication Dosage Links

    3. Techniques for Relieving Stress

    4. Uedit/Google Links

    5. CNA Information

    6. Nurse Tech Information

    7. NCLEX Prepartion


These first few websites are websites commonly used to find Nursing Research Articles and Evidence Based Care Research Articles.

        1.) Joint Commission

        2.)The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI®)

        3.)National Institute of Health

        4.)Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

        5.)Center for Disease Control & Prevention

        6.)PLU Information and Technology Services

        7.)PLU Citing Resources

        8.)PLU Library Research Help

        9.)PLU Nursing Research Guides


The Following links are commonly used links to help out with preparation of the required medication dosage exams.

        1.) General Dosing: 

        2.)Basic Drug Calculations review, and other links: 

        3.)Heparin Help: 

        4.) Pediatric Dosage:


 The following Links and articles will help with relieving and addressing stress.

        1.) Negative effects of stress:
        2.)Research regarding health manifestations of stress on the body and its effects on quality of life:                                
        Perricone, N. (2007). Stress reduction equals life extension... reprinted with permission. Life Extension13(3), 30-42. Retrieved from
         CINAHL with Full Text database.

        3.)Use of exercise to relieve stress:


The following link will take you to the homepage to sign onto uedit/google.

        1.) Website link:

Apply for Nursing Assistant Certification

 (Department of Social and Health Services)

        1.)Call Aging and Disabilities Services at (800) 422-3263 and ask to speak to the speak to the person responsible for 

             certifying nursing assistant.

            (One requirement will be an official transcript documenting successful completion of N220)

      • Tell her/him your name, that you have completed N220 at Pacific Lutheran University
      • Indicate which semester N220 was completed
      • You will receive direction as to what is then expected

Information about Nurse Tech (Department of Health)

            You may obtain the application for the nurse tech certification from the Department of Health:
           Depending on the Institution you apply to, the role of Nurse Technician is described on the websites.


 The following information is resources and companies to help with NCLEX preparation, There are many companies that provide preparation and many different ones are used, here are the common ones.

        1) Kaplan Website:

        2) Hurst Review Services:
        3) Use of ATI books from PLU Nursing Courses