[Pictured: Tommy, Julie, Tara and Carissa at the 2011 NSNA conference in Salt Lake City]

Being a member of the National Student Nurses Association automatically makes you a 
member of the Washington State Nurses Association. These professional organizations are a great way to get involved in the nursing community outside of school and meet people who are working in the different fields of nursing. They also offer lots of scholarship opportunities for students in all levels of school.

Visit http://www.nsna.org/ to register to become a member!

  • Approx $55 for two years
  • Approx $30 for one year
If you would like a chance to attend the yearly NSNA conference, speak with a Delta officer during the Spring semesters.

NSNA 2012
Two of our Delta members were selected to go to the 2012 NSNA conference in Pittsburgh, PA!

NSNA 2011

Congratulations to Tommy Hartono, Julie Cunningham, Tara Melborne and Carissa Carter for being selected to go to the 2011 NSNA conference in Salt Lake City. During the conference the recipients will attend workshops and upon their return will do presentations about the conference for Delta members. 

NSNA 2010

We are fortunate enough to have an anonymous donor make a donation to Delta that allowed us to send three people to the national conference instead of just two.  We are very excited with the number and quality of the applications. The three students who were chosen to attend are Kajsa Swenson, Angelica Fink and Kim Applebee.


Please contact:


Kiara Revilla - revillkl@plu.edu