"Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love." -Mother Teresa                          

    What's Happening?
Want to see the tracking list for your Delta hours and meetings? Click Here!
            Please make sure your Name is spelled correctly | You've Paid your Dues | All your volunteer hours are correct | You've attended at least 3 meetings (not including May 7th). Please notify officers of any changes that need to be made before April 30th, 2014 when certificates will be printed and finalized.
Bylaws: Bylaws state that all Delta members must attend 3 meeting. Exception for Senior IIs who have practicum


Delta Iota Chi Board 2014-2015
  • Nominated as PresidentVanessa Jodway
  • Nominated as Vice PresidentGina Fioretti
  • Nominated as Secretary: Andrew Gubsch
  • Nominated as TreasurerAriel Babcock
  • Nominated as NSNA Liaison: Cory Seesz

NSNA Updates:
  • After the majority vote, Delta Iota Chi will continue to stay affiliated with NSNA
  • Bylaws have been edited to include NSNA guidelines for constituency as well as an addition of a new board position for an NSNA Liason Delta officer. A description of this new position is included in our Bylaws. Please review the Bylaws and email Kimberly Kelly, our president, if you would like to make any addendum to the Bylaws: Click Here to view the document
  • The writing in RED is non-negotiable and has to be included in our Bylaws according to NSNA. Please review and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • These Bylaws will be voted in at our last meeting, Wednesday, May 7th, 2014.

Uniform Exchange
  • Coordinators: Gigi Gariglio at gariglaa@plu.edu
  • Email Gigi for a time to donate or buy a uniform
  • In need of more uniforms! 
  • Senior IIs do not forget to donate your scrubs once you graduate!


Alumni Meeting:

  • Contact Vanessa Jodway
    • Board looking to connect PLU SoN students to the Alumni Board to create a sense of community
    • Encouraging students to attend the bi-monthly meetings
    • Next meeting is May 17th from 9:00-11:00 at the Alumni House.

NAMI Walk:

  • Saturday, May 17th, 2014 (Check in begins at 8am and the Start time is 9:30, Please ask coordinators about when our team will be planning to meet). It takes place at Kirkland Park Marina, Kirkland. Contact the coordinators if you are willing to carpool?! 
  • Across the country, nearly 60 million people live with mental illness. The NAMI Walk aims to bring everyone affected by mental illness or family members of these individuals discussions and advocacy for mental illness. Participate in the walk with fellow PLU classmates with our Delta team.
  • An educational component sponsored by Delta will be planned for the upcoming year. A $500 charge is currently associated with reserving a booth for the event and this is something we plan to do in the future to provide more education on mental illnesses for participants of the event from a Nursing Student's perspective. Funding resources are being researched and suggestions are welcomed. The appropriation board may also be a great contact for funding next year.
  • Please contact the coordinators for more information: Alex Kean (keanab@plu.edu) and Jill Vermurlen (vermurje@plu.edu)
  • Register HERE. It does not cost any money to register for the event.  Our PLU Delta Group is registered online through NAMI's website under the group name: Delta Iota Chi
  • Sign up for Carpool HERE
  • For more information about the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the walk Click Here

March of Dimes Walk

Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Cyndi Wolfer has set up a team named PLU SON for the March of Dimes walk on May 17th at Wilson High School.  To join the team or donate to the team use the following link:  http://www.marchforbabies.org/team/t2243518


***Note: Summer events qualify as volunteer Delta hours for Fall 2014 and do not count towards certificates or membership for Spring 2014

Dinner with Heart (Formerly known as Heart Ball):

  • Friday, June 20th, 2014 (2pm - Midnight) at the Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake.
  • Dinner with Heart is a fundraiser dinner sponsored by the American Heart Association. The formal dinner party with a silent auction has now evolved into a rustic farm affair with live music, entertaining and an exciting silent auction. Postitions available for volunteers are listed below and their corresponding hours:

    • Setting up for the event: 2pm-6pm
    • Greeters at entrances (10 needed): 6pm-8pm

    • Registration/Bank: 6pm-8pm/8pm-11pm

    • Auction (pre and post event): 5:30pm-8pm/8pm-11:30pm

  • Please contact the lead coordinator, Gabby Salazar (salazagn@plu.edu) if you have any questions. Visit the website by click here.

Tears Foundation Rock & Walk

Each dollar raised goes to help bereaved families in your community after the loss of a child. Funeral assistance, emotional support, and other programs are offered because of your fundraising efforts.

June 21st at Cheney Stadium.  I have set up a team named Ethan Thomas. To join the team or donate to the team use the following link:

Multicare Nurse Camp

Delta Coordinator:  Michele Holsworth (holswoma@plu.edu)

Nurse Camp will be visiting PLU on Thursday, July 24th from 12-330pm.  Pizza lunch will be provided to Nurse Camp students and volunteers.  Events for the time will include lunch with the students so they can ask you questions about being a college student and a nursing student, a brief campus tour, and hands-on activities in the nursing labs.  Volunteer signups will be sent out to the entire School of Nursing via the BSN Sakai site announcements.

Volunteers for the remainder of Nurse Camp is also needed to help escort students to classes, job shadows, and talks.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday all occur at TG/MaryBridge.  Thursday morning students will be at Good Sam and Auburn General.  Multicare Volunteer onboarding will be required to volunteer for Nurse Camp outside of PLU.  If interested email Cara.koch@multicare.org.


Healthcare Week:

Delta coordinators: Vanessa Jodway & Suzi Allan

Healthcare Week takes place at PLU by Washington Business Week.  Students of Healthcare Week learn about many different career paths in healthcare.  On Wednesday, August 6th we will have approximately 100 students pass through the Nursing labs to see demonstrations and talk with nursing students.  Due to the volume of students of this event this is an all-day event.  I provide lunch for volunteers.  Volunteer signups will be sent out to the entire School of Nursing via the BSN Sakai site announcements.

Other Opportunities:

Delta Shirts ($13)


Our next meeting is May 7th, 2014
Xavier 201 from 10:25-11:10am
It's the last meeting and treats will be provided, as well as medallions, cords, and awards.

Want to see the tracking list for your Delta hours and meetings? Click Here!



Our Mission: 
To PROMOTE and ENCOURAGE LEADERSHIP through networking, community service and advocacy

Meeting Dates for Spring 2014
February 19th
March 5th
March 19th 
April 9th
April 23rd ($3 membership due)
May 7th